Health benefits of being grateful

Health benefits of being grateful


– Start being grateful.

–¬†Gratitude can lower blood pressure and improve¬† ¬†immune function.


Have a positive attitude towards life instead of complaining about irrelevant thing. Try and start to be grateful for everything in your life. Gratitude does not only make you a better person but also improve your health. Gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve immune function and promote more sleep.

Here are benefits of being grateful

It promote better heart
Being thankful facilitate better heart health. It promote less inflammation and healthier rhythms. It elevates depression, lessen fatigue and makes you sleep better.

Improve immune system
Study shows that gratitude can boost your immune system. They feeling produce more disease-fighting cells in your body. Further study claims that keeping a gratitude journal can reduce dietary fat intake as low as 25%. The stress hormones cortisol are 23% lower in grateful people. Daily gratitude can decrease the effects of aging to your brain.

It improve your psychological health
Gratitude help you decrease the damage done by negative emotions like anger, resentment, jealousy and hate. It can help you become more positive and happier.

It makes you live longer
Research shows that the more thankful you are the longer you live. Positive emotions like gratitude have both short-term and long-term emotional benefits. It also recruits other positive emotions that have direct physical benefits, most likely through the immune system or endocrine system.

Impact your self-esteem
Recent study claims that being grateful has an impact on your self esteem levels which makes you more confident and assuring in life. Also, it is connected to having a quality sleep. Being grateful helps you sleep better.

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