Hillary Clinton Appears as Cover Star of the Latest “Teen Vogue” Print...

Hillary Clinton Appears as Cover Star of the Latest “Teen Vogue” Print Issue

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– She also serves as guest editor on the latest edition

– Clinton will share some personal stories with readers


Hillary Clinton is the Cover Star and Guest Editor of Latest Teen Vogue Print Issue

Following the recent announcement of plans to  stop producing print copies of Teen Vogue, the magazine put its efforts on making the going out of the print issues a memorable and powerful one. On Wednesday, it announced Hillary Clinton as the latest edition’s guest editor and cover star.

Hillary Clinton was also announced as keynote speaker for Teen Vogue’s Summit in December where she will join in conversation with actress and activist, Yara Shadidi.

The magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Elaine Welteroth, had this to say in her editor’s letter:

Hillary Clinton may not have broken the tallest glass ceiling in America—but one of you will. And you will be standing on the shoulders of women leaders like HRC whose story unlocks universal lessons in determination, survival, and resilience. This issue explores what we can all learn from her impact, her style, and her grace under fire.


Some will say it’s too partisan, too political, too retrospective, too “echo-chamber-y.” This issue isn’t for them.

In her own editor’s letter, Hillary Clinton writes that “Teen Vogue takes teen girls seriously and understands that style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive,”

The new Teen Vogue issue will be on the newsstands by December 5. Some of the things to look forward to include Clinton introducing readers to her childhood best friend, Betsy Ebeling and her daughter, Chelsea. She will also share some of her responses to letters from readers who hold political views different from her own.