How to be successful in negotiating a more flexible schedule

How to be successful in negotiating a more flexible schedule

There are things you can do to convince your boss

-Build a record of valuable performance.

– Frame your request as a business oriented one.

A lot of supervisors and managers don’t approve of their workers getting a more flexible schedule mostly because the workers have not built up their credibility, they are afraid that they would not be able to monitor the performance of such workers and also because they don’t believe in work-family balance.

If you are a worker agitating for a more flexible schedule, here are ways to increase your chances of getting a more flexible schedule.

Build a record of valuable performance
In order to increase your chance of success in the negotiation for a more flexible work schedule, you need to make sure that you are a valuable employee.

If a lot of people keep recommending you for doing a great job and you are indispensable, the boss would have no other choice since he would want to retain you.

Let the boss know how you plan to meet up
Provide your boss with a plan of how you plan to meet up with your duties if your aim is achieved.

If you are very dedicated and hardworking, and also known as a faithful worker who keeps promises, then it is likely that you would be granted your heart desire.

 Frame your request as a business oriented one
A lot of supervisors are concerned that if they accommodate an employee, in order to be fair, they would need to accommodate ever other person which would not be conventional.

Therefore, when you want to frame your request, let it be in form of a business request, not a family accommodation or as a personal favor.

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For example, if you want to have a flexible schedule on Mondays and Fridays, explain that working from home on those days would make you concentrate better and get more work done instead of getting interrupted and distracted by the comings and goings of the busy office.

 Ask for a trial period
You can make a proposition for you to be tested if you would hold on to your own side of the bargain for a few weeks or month.

If during this period, you are able to convince them that you are up to the task and even perform beyond expectation, then there is a high probability that you would be granted a flexible work schedule.

Note, during the negotiation process, try to help your supervisor or manager understand how they would also benefit from the arrangement.

Choose a time that would be the most receptive, then also make sure that you identify exactly the type of flexibility that would make sense for both your job requirement and you.