How To Get Him To Respect you

How To Get Him To Respect you

how-to-get-him-to-respect you

Get him to respect you

– How To Get Him To Respect you

– Setting your standards

If you feel you have a problem with choosing the right guy and
feel the and definitely need to work on yourself in order to get him to respect you, here are the basics:

1. Know yourself

It is necessary to know yourself first if you really want someone to respect you. What kind of person do you think you are? Do you feel you portray another identity to people? Get your friends to talk about you and see if you match the kind of identity they talk about. Know your likes and dislikes.

Just be yourself

Truly, the kind of person you are determines what and who you attract. How would you like to be treated? What is important to you? Why is it important that another person treats you with respect?

2. Dress modestly

Guys respect girls who don’t need to show off their body parts to get their attention. There is this sense of confidence you show when you dress modestly.

Modesty is the dress sense



It is obvious and guys see that too. it proves you are who you are and not trying to be someone else. Also, it makes you know that if he can’t respect your way of modest dressing, he will be controlling and try to change you in every way that he can.

3. Don’t make him your #1

Many ladies make this mistake a lot. You are who you are before you met him. Whether you’re single, dating or married, you should be able to live a meaningful life. Don’t forget that you have your life to live as well.

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Work towards your goals

Your guy should not be someone who fills you up with shi*, rather he should be someone you can share things with. Get busy with your life, take good care of your body, engage in hobbies, get a good education and develop your career.

4. Choose a guy who is morally upright

Don’t go on and say, “I know he’s bad, but he’s good for me”. Anytime I hear that I’m always like “mehn, what’s that?” Nothing bad is good for you, my dear. If he shows signs of being a bad guy, there are chances that he will become physically and verbally abusive and you won’t be able to get him to respect you then. He could also be involved in bad addictions, cheating, dishonesty, and disrespect.

5. Test him

If you don’t want to, don’t sleep with him. Wait till marriage if you want to. If he really loves you, he’ll wait and if he doesn’t, he’ll move on to the next available girl. Don’t think you can get him to love you more by sleeping with him.

Test him

Most of the time, this is what happens, he uses you and leaves and you become more hurt than ever. If you truly want to be loved and respected for who you are, wait for the right man.

6. Stop him the very moment he disrespects you

Tell him you simply don’t want to be yelled at and direspected.
Let him know how you feel about it. If he respects you, he won’t
do it again. Know also that if he finds that hard to do, he
probably does not give a d**n about you. When a guy continuously disrespects you in a relationship, it’s a clue to ending the relationship.