How to handle your bad boss

How to handle your bad boss

There are some ways to handle a bad boss

 -A boss that does not appreciate you.

-The one that takes credit for your accomplishments.

-The one that likes causing drama.

No matter how nice and dedicated you are as a worker, there are supervisors or managers that when you work under them would frustrate you so much that you would wish to quit every day.
Note that there are different types of bad bosses and this article seeks to provide the different ones we have and what you can do to cope if you happen to work with one of them.
A boss that does not appreciate you
Although as a worker, you would be paid for your work, a good support team would be well appreciated as when you are being appreciated, it would encourage you to do well, but this kind of bosses don’t believe in appreciating their workers. No matter how the extra time you put into it, they would never thank you.
Then if one month you fail to meet up, they would not remember how you did extra a few months back, instead, they are likely to reduce your salary.
How to cope: Since it is not fun to fish for compliments, you can start by complimenting your boss when need be. Note that the fact that you do so does not mean that your boss would reciprocate, but it might help to do the job.
Then always make sure that you are never found wanted in any area of your job.
The one that takes credit for your accomplishments
There are lots of bad bosses who fail to give their workers recognition for their accomplishments and they instead claim it as their own which is very bad.
How to cope: Try to put your feats in writing, so that the rest of the team would know that it is your accomplishment. Also, if he is receptive, you can start a conversation with him in a non-accusatory manner. It should be something like, “Please, I am aiming for a promotion and I would love it if you can make others aware of my accomplishments.” That could do the trick.
The one that likes causing drama
There are bosses who create drama regularly. They would nag, shout, embarrass and transfer aggression at the person at the receiving end.
This period could be the time there are low sales, the period when earnings are posted, or when the boss is broke.
How to cope: You need to study the boss and understand her triggers. After you do this, you should do whatever you can to avoid being at the receiving end.
The unapproachable boss
Some bosses prefer the tyrannical system instead for their company to thrive on openness.
This is a very wrong choice because when communication shuts down in the office, it is likely that some problems would arise.
How to cope: Try to be honest, polite, clear and direct when addressing your boss.
The over-nice boss
Although people would always appreciate this kind of boss, sometimes, it can be a wrong choice as it might be difficult for you to grow under him because he would keep giving a positive feedback, and also a positive review which would not help to advance your career.
How to cope: You might have to beg her to criticize your work by explaining that you think you would do better if he or she can pinpoint the areas which need improvement.
The insulting boss
There are bosses who don’t explain what they expect from you, rather they would always put down your work without supplying any constructive criticism.
How to cope: Take steps to prevent being berated if your boss is not forthcoming with her expectation of you and the reason why she is not happy with you.
You can do this by asking a question like. “Can you explain what you would like me to do or, so I am hearing what you want me to do is…” Note that you need to do this when your boss is in a good mood, and make sure you don’t interrupt when she still lights into you and you have no idea what you have done to deserve it.
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