-How unislamic is the islamic coalition?

-The coalition of Islamic nations is quite different from that which is coordinated by the United States

-Nigeria is the only non-Islamic country among the enlisted 34 countries

How unislamic is the isIamic coalition? I woke up that fateful morning to the news that President Buhari on his voyage to Saudi Arabia had verbally agreed to join the Islamic coalition of anti-Islamic state. At first, I was indifferent.

But after the recent attack in Brussels, the threat posed through such coalition immediately became apparent. By signing up on such list, we are officially declaring ourselves an enemy of the Islamic state, something we have been all along. Such exposes us to more danger than it helps us, if it helps at all.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

For one, we are undoubtedly making ourselves a target for the ISIS by declaring such. It should be noted that the European coalition of such was what took ISIS to Europe, and now the innocents are being made to pay for it.

We have a Boko Haram menace in our backyard; local trouble, and as if that’s not enough, you are inviting foreign trouble. How reasonable it is we are yet to see.

None of the countries till now have come to the help of Nigeria in fighting Boko Haram, why then should we join a coalition that will take more from us and add to our woes?

It will be good at this point to make a difference between the Anti-Islamic coalition coordinated by the United States and the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) coordinated by Saudi Arabia, a theocratic Muslim state.

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How unislamic is the islamic coalition?

While the former is an alliance to fight the ISIS, the latter is an alliance of MUSLIM countries to combat not ISIS but terrorism in Muslim States. So you get the picture now?

Why would Nigeria, a religious liberal state with over 48 percent of her population as Christians join coalition of Muslim states? The first reason is because we have a Muslim president, one that appears rigid at heart.

What else would make a president disregard 48 percent of the population of his country to join a coalition? Nigeria is not a Muslim state, and will never be, if we are ever going to have a country called Nigeria.

By joining the coalition of 34 Muslim countries, the president in his mind regards Nigeria a Muslim country, and is selling it to his international colleagues as a Muslim state. And that’s only the first step to Islamising Nigeria. A step further in this direction will not only legitimise the agitation for a republic of Biafra, but also an Oduduwa state; it is as good as inviting disintegration of the country.

Why is Nigeria in such alliance? To fight Boko Haram? How much have we received from any of the countries till date? ; For security? Why not the anti-terrorism coalition coordinated by United Kingdom and Russia under the Security Council arm of the United Nations? Whichever way we want to look at this, the Islamic motive cannot be hidden.

These fears will only start to materialize when Nigeria officially joins such state, because as of now according to the honourable minister of foreign affairs, we are yet officially a member.

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While stating that, he implies that Nigeria will have no problem joining such alliance because according to him “it is about security, it has nothing to do with religion.’’ How unreligious then is a coalition of Islamic state? How ‘’unislamic’’ is the coalition of Muslim countries?