The Impact of Walking in HIS Steps

The Impact of Walking in HIS Steps

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The Impact of Walking in HIS Steps (Acts 4:13)

The call to walk in HIS steps is not just for a period of time. It is GOD calling us back to a path we should remain in. The reason we are saved goes beyond getting a passport into heaven for if it were so one should just have died on being born again and be gone to heaven. It entails living a holy life here on earth.

Show me who you are following and I would tell you where you would end up. The same conditions experienced by the person you are following would be what you would encounter. When Jesus Christ came into the world, He made impact. If we therefore follow His steps, there is the expectation on our part to make impact. We are to make a blast in this world. The disciples had learnt to walk in His steps.

The first step is to be born again. We are also to take the guide who is the Holy Ghost, not forsaking the assembly of one another as this keeps us in check.

When we walk in His steps, He does not leave us as we are. He causes us to reach out to a higher level. When He met Peter, James and John who were fishermen, He made them fishers of men.

In Acts 17:6, the disciples were given a wrong appellation but we need to remember that it came from depraved minds. Are you seen in your office as normal or unusual? The call we have received is not just to walk but to walk and be seen as doing so. From your discussions at work and anywhere else, it should reflect that you are a Christian. The disciples did not carry a placard or wear a shirt showing who they were but by their character. It is a calling not just to wear and put off but to put on always. It should not be separated from your vocation.


GOD wants to superimpose HIS lifestyle upon us where HE wants us to walk in. It’s the devil’s lie that you don’t have to do it the Christian way.

One thing is that we would suffer and pass through difficulties for following HIS steps. The good thing about the suffering is that it brings about a greater glory in the future.

If we circumvent a challenge at an earlier stage in life and then go higher, the same challenge would crop up and then one would have to face it – it must be confronted.

We are to change things around us and to do this, the following must be done:

  • We need to know the Word, John. 1:1-3
  • Know your purpose.
  • Know your place. Peter was sent to the Jews while Paul was sent to the Gentiles. Some of us may have been sent to our offices.
  • Know your partners. GOD does not call us to fulfill destiny in isolation as in the case of husband and wife therefore marriage should not be left to probability.
  • Know your pace. There is a time frame for everything GOD has given us to be and do. Communicate with GOD so as to be guided in time to know what next to do. GOD always backs up and follows us on whatever errand HE has sent you on. We need to be ready for action, Acts 10:38. There are lives you are to touch. The only mind we have is the mind of Christ which would help us to walk in His steps.
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