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IMPARTATION FOR UNSTOPPABLE JOY (JN. 15:11, 16:20-24, IS. 35:1-10)

Joy has several benefits. Some of its benefits are stated below:

  1. It opens one up to inspiration, ideas (Is. 12:3) Your spirit man is enlightened. Songs of inspiration are intense when joyful. Joy ventilates the mind.
  2. It destroys the yoke of sickness. It brings divine health, (Prov. 17:22) Your state of mind affects the glands. It sends signals to the body. Constant state of depression and dejection causes cancer, arthritis, etc. Worry, malice, prepares ground for these.
  1. Joy makes one youthful (Prov. 15:33) Some people look older than their age due to wrinkled faces. Thirty-nine more muscles are needed to frown than to smile.
  2. Joy destroys the yoke of weakness, (Neh. 8:10). With joy, one carries unusual strength.
  3. Joy destroys the yoke of oppression (Prov. 15:15) Satan can’t oppress you until he first depresses you. He can only do so when your spirit man is cast down. There is a fire of protection around you. Watch and guard your joy.
  4. Joy also makes faith to work.

Sources of Joy Unstoppable.

A spiritual river comes from the throne of GOD to make you joyous no matter the situation, (Ps. 46:4).

No man can give joy. Money, marriage, children, houses, occupation, titles cannot give joy. Only GOD can give joy. HE has made provision of endless joy in the middle of HIS tabernacle – which you are, (2 Cor. 6:16). Its sources include:

1. The Holy Ghost (Jn. 7:38-39)

The Holy Ghost is GOD’S great provision for a life of endless joy. HE releases the forces of joy that keeps one rejoicing in spite of situations around.


The Holy Ghost is called the oil of gladness (Ps. 45:7, Is. 61:3). Only He can guarantee joy. He makes the believer see GOD’S goodness always. He gives one a refreshing that cannot be dampened. He comes in on being born-again (Eph. 5:18-20).

When one is drunk with the Holy Ghost, a special order of joy is generated that brings melody in the heart. Your source of joy is the Holy Ghost and not the things happening around.

When a man is drunk with alcohol, he laughs aloud and sings due to being drunk. The same is what happens when filled with the Holy Ghost. You would be a singing and dancing Christian no matter the situation around you. Holy Ghost makes you see reason for laughter. When Holy Ghost is low in a man’s life, joy is also low.

2. Value the Word of GOD (Ps. 119:162)

When you value and celebrate the reading and teaching of the Word of GOD, the Holy Ghost releases joy into your life. He helps you make discoveries in the Word (1 cor. 2:9-10). Those who do not have a close relationship with GOD’S Word can’t have joy. What others lament gives you joy (Acts 8: 5 & 8).

Teaching and preaching GOD’S Word gives energy to rejoice. It helps to prevent backsliding from your faith in Jesus Christ, Ps. 119:165.

Those who are not hooked on GOD’S Word are edgy, unbalanced and are easily provoked. The Word of GOD panel beats, rebukes, and opens your eyes. Lack of self control is evident in the life of someone who does not value the Word.


You can hear GOD tell you HE has a way out for you. Your confidence in GOD’S Word gives you confidence in the issues of life. Some rejoice due to what is happening but some rejoice based on what they see in GOD’S Word because HE is faithful. They are the ones who worship HIM in Spirit and Truth (Jn. 4:23).

3. Keep your hope alive (Jn. 14:7-9)

It is hope that imparts joy in the inner man. It establishes your heart. Abraham had this also. He had hope due to GOD’S Word like a scent of water (Rom. 4:18). Hope gives life in the inside. Without hope, no joy (Heb. 12:2). You cannot see a bright tomorrow and not be excited.

People who cannot see anything in the future give up. Satan is very upset about your bright future and tries to puncture your hope. As long as GOD is for you, you have a future (Eccl. 9:4).

It was hope that kept Joseph in prison. Don’t sell out to sorrow. Everything that looks like a downward trend today is an upward thrust for your tomorrow (Hab. 2:4). GOD has not forgotten what He has spoken. HE can’t forget you, (Ps. 42:11).

4. Sow seeds of joy (Rom. 12:15)

(i) Have an attitude of joy when others are rejoicing. Your time is coming. Rejoice with those who are rejoicing.

(ii) Make life easy for your Pastors and Leaders, (Heb. 13:17). Let Leaders serve you with gladness. Obey their call.

(iii)Preach the gospel, (Lk. 15:10). Angels rejoice each time a sinner repents. They too also would cause you to rejoice. People who make angels of GOD happy don’t lack angelic intervention.