Jokes of the day

Jokes of the day


New Year resolutions.

-Checkout my New Year resolutions

-Try to laugh, life is not really that serious.

Joke 1
My New Year resolutions

  • Partying –deleted.
  • Drinking – deleted.
  • Clubbing – deleted.
  • Oversleeping – deleted.
  • Sex – deleting failed… (File is protected).

Joke 2            
The American president, Donald Trump saw Melania’s nude pictures, yet he fell in love with her and made her the First lady of The United States of America.

Kanye West watched Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. He fell in love with her and waited for many years to marry her.

In line with that ladies, keep taking nude pictures because you never know where your nudes might lead you.

Surprise a guy today with it, and keep praying that a miracle would come your way.

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