Learn to Make Your Own AR Images With Snap AR Tool

Learn to Make Your Own AR Images With Snap AR Tool


– The tool, available as a desktop app on Mac and Windows.

– Creators will need experience on how to create 3D images.

AR is becoming the massive new wave now with big competitors trooping in, First it was Facebook bring a Tool to help developer create AR. Now Snap has unveiled its own tool called Lens Studio tool, this new tool lets anyone on Mac or Windows create their own AR effects for use in Snapchat.

It would be easier if you are an AR developer or you have experience in creating 3D images. If you do not, you need to learn to help yourself through this or pay for the service. After creating creators can submit their creations and share with others by giving a Snapcode to unlock it. Those codes only last for 24 hours, unfortunately. However, you can share codes again if you like, and recipients can share them with others and spread the word.

The tool, available as a desktop app on Mac and Windows. Aside from Facebook diving into the AR business, Google also offers ARCore, and Apple has ARKit. Snapchat is betting designers will want to use its system to build for its community of 173 million daily active users. Snapchat users are quite familiar with AR and have been using it since the app released lenses (or face filters) in 2015.

The new Snapchat’s tool is quite easy to use. According to Pilipski who said the company’s hoping to appeal not only to experienced developers but also to illustrators and 2D designers. Snapchat worked with artists and students to test and refine the system when Lens Studio was in beta over the last year.


With Lens Studio, developers have a chance to build their own dancing hot dogs, or any other animated objects. That doesn’t mean they’ll receive prime placement within the Snapchat app like the dancing hot dog did. Snap charges people for that as one of its several revenue streams. However, Snap has worked with some artists like Jeff Koons to activate AR experiences in the app based on location — not unlike stagnant geofilters.

For developers, Lens Studio is one of several options to create AR experiences. In the last year, Google, Facebook, and Apple have released and promoted their own systems. Even Snapchat teamed up with Apple and used their ARKit to create improved face filters for the iPhone X. Snap also used ARKit for the Stranger Things sponsored lens.