LG G7 To Start From The Scratch Again

LG G7 To Start From The Scratch Again


– LG G7 To Start From The Scratch Again

– The company is indeed going to take its time in producing the device.

The future of LG seems uncertain at the moment as they have a lot of problems to tackle at the moment. The company had lost hundreds of millions of Dollars just this past year. That amount had taken the South Korean giant back a bit as they are battling ways to come off this recession.

In order to reduce the losses, they decided to come up with not releasing phones annually as was formerly the custom. They have decided to allow a device stay in the market much longer than expected so that they can get the mastering over the new product in order not to run into debt. This would mean that the G- and V-series would stay longer than expected.

This would mean that the the G7 flagship would stay much longer than normal in the factory. This would mean that the “revision” will push back the device’s launch until at least April.

Another reason suggested for the delay, however, indicates that LG’s troubles go further than worries about the opposition. “The internal speculation is that the company hasn’t been able to find a strong selling point for the G7 smartphone.

Do you think that set back would affect how much the company would make or it is a blessing in disguse? Please let us know.

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