How To Maintain Body Structure After Giving Birth

How To Maintain Body Structure After Giving Birth

A nursing mother with good body structure

– It is good to have a nice body structure

– You can look good after child birth

Child birth is not an excuse for not looking fit,being obese, and not having good body structure. Most women after giving birth do not care about their body structure anymore. The good news is that even after giving birth you can still keep fit by doing some certain things.



Naturally after child birth you shed weight. Also, when you breastfeed you shed 800 calories a day which help to reduce fat in the body. This add to maintaining the body structure and look fit.

A mother exercising

The type of exercise to do that for this period should not be a complicated one. You can engage in simple exercise like road walk, and jogging. It is also good to use exercise ball for the tummy. These simple exercises help to keep fit and maintain body structure. Note that the exercise should start a month after giving birth.


Dieting after child birth is not good for your health and body. Your body still need some time to recuperate. Instead of dieting try to eat balanced diet which involves taking more of fruits, vegetables, and low fat diary product. Avoid eating food with calories they are not good for the body and even the health.


To strengthen your pelvic and regain control of your bladder try having sex. It may not be few days after child birth probably after 8 weeks after child birth to avoid discomfort. Try to start the pleasure as soon as possible.

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Mother with her newborn baby sleeping

Nursing baby is not an easy task. The baby may be giving you sleepless night, anytime he/she sleeps try to sleep as well to avoid sleep deficiency. Aside from the fact it help the body to keep fit. By sleeping, the sugar level in the body is being regulated. Not getting enough sleep and rest reduces body energy.

Only few women keep balance weight and body structure after child birth. It will be nice if your husband keep seeing the face and structure before child birth. Although, nothing comes easy it might take time before the body come back to shape.