Man wakes from coma hours before life support was due to be...

Man wakes from coma hours before life support was due to be removed

He miraculously woke up from a coma

– The 61 year-old man shocked the doctors when he woke up from coma.

– He woke up a few hours before the life support was due to be removed.

Martin Jervis, a 61-year-old man was able to shock his doctors and family members when he woke up from coma a few hours before his life support was due to be switched off.

It should be noted that he had collapsed after a mysteriously fall at his home in Bignall End, Staffordshire and a surgery was performed on him in order to remove a blood clot from his brain.

He did not wake up after, neither did he show any sign of brain activity.

Four hours before he was to have a final scan to determine if he still had hope, he opened his eyes.

His wife and son have claimed that it is a complete miracle as they had already planned to say goodbye to him that day when he showed no sign of waking up.

Deane Jervis, his son said they had already been advised to switch off the life support that day, but luckily, he miraculously woke up by 4am that morning and he even gave the nurse a smile.

The doctors at the Royal Stoke University Hospital were very surprised and could not believe it as they have never seen a patient wake up from such horrific brain damages.

The brother of Mr Jervis, Stephen, 65 when informed said he thought they were playing a prank on him.

It should also be noted that before, they had considered turning the machine off three times.


Mr Jervis is miraculously alive and kicking but has to use a ventilator to help him breathe properly as he is slowly making progress and his family have set up an online fund raising appeal to help him raise the money he would need for the equipment he would need to get better when he gets home after his discharge.