Morning laughs!

Morning laughs!



– The depreciation of naira can be viewed as funny to many people.

– Laughter is the best medicine!

Joke 1
This depreciation of naira, I tire o. Can you imagine? A man started work in the civil service in 1983 with the salary of #500 ($700 dollars then) and then the man later retired in 2016 with a salary of #180,000.

Don’t think that the #180,000 is worth much please, as the worth of the money is now $500, which means that for 33 years, he was slowly and consistently moving backwards.

Joke 2
My babe has not been picking my calls since yesterday after she told me she was traveling, and I don’t know why.

All I remember before she stopped talking to me was that I sent her RIP on WhatsApp and she did not reply and has not picked my call. Note that the full meaning of RIP is return in peace.


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