How mother gives birth naturally to conjoined twins in India

How mother gives birth naturally to conjoined twins in India

The twins

– The conjoined twins were attached at the abdomen.

– A doctor has warned that they would require surgery if they are to survive.

The twins have private parts

A 32 mother was able to miraculously give birth to conjoined twins naturally at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh in northern India without having to undergo an operation, although the doctors have warned that in order for the twins to survive, they would require surgery.

This happened earlier this month, precisely on the 2nd of September as she was able to give birth to the twins who had a distance of 75m between their heads which doctor have referred to as quite brave, because it is quite challenging to give birth to conjoined twins, especially the ones that are attached at the abdomen.

They both have four limbs, other organs and a heart and umbilical cord which has made being attached at their abdomen quite challenging for them.

According to Dr Aggarwal, one of the doctors in charge, when one of them was stimulated, both of them would react and start crying together at the same time.

It should be noted that they have absolutely no idea of the sex of the babies because of the way they were joined, and he confirmed that their identities would be revealed during surgery.

The young mother was very surprised to see them, but was able to bond with them immediately.

But instead for making them take the surgery at the hospital they were referred to which is All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, which had advanced medical facilities and would be able to help them, she discharged herself after their birth and failed to turn up again in the hospital they referred her to.

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Presently, the doctors are not aware of their whereabouts.