What you need to know about Boli Business

What you need to know about Boli Business

The boli business is a very lucrative one

-Boli is a delicacy usually made on the street.

-Now, a lot of people are re-branding it.

Bole, which is referred to as Boli in the Southwest of Nigeria is a delicacy rarely made at home. This meal is usually eaten with groundnut or fish (preferably mackerel).

Note that we also have Boli, which refers to Bank owned life insurance, which is a unique type of Corporate-owned life insurance, but it is not the one being referred to in this context.

The boli snack is a summer delight that can be roasted or barbecued (both the ripe and unripe one) and it is regarded as one of the quintessential street food in Nigeria, just like suya.

Although lots of wizened old and young women are seen on the road with their blackened fingers of lead and their roasting bowls of red hot coals roasting and selling it with groundnut and some, fish, other people have decided to make the business unique by re-branding it by adding sauce to it so as to make it look colorful, inviting and also appealing.

They make use of different ingredients to spice up the Boli. The ingredients include fish, palm oil, Onions, fresh chili pepper or Habanero Pepper, then salt to add taste to it is also used.

For others, their own recipe are unknown and this has made them have different customers from various works of life.

It should be noted that I got the inspiration to write this article after I saw an advert on the social media. It goes thus, Order your boli today (with the name of the company written beside it)


Normal pack: (2 Big boli, I whole fish, sauce and 1 bottle of coke + delivery) – 1,200.
Double pack: (4 Big boli, 1 fish, 1 chicken, Sauce 2 bottles of coke + delivery) – 2000.
Family pack: (6 Big boli, 3 chicken. 3 fish, Sauce, 2 bottles of water 1 5 alive + delivery – 2,800.

After the preparation, they are fixed up in take away parks and delivered to different offices and homes and other places customers can be found.