Negative sides of being a full-time freelancer

Negative sides of being a full-time freelancer


-You need to consider time management.

-You would be isolated

-You would have variable workloads

A lot of Entrepreneurs are looking for marketers, writers, accountants, programmers, lawyers, consultants and designers whom they intend to hire on a contractual basis no matter their field.

It should be noted that the flexibility and freedom of freelancing would serve as an advantage for those that choose this career path, but just like two sides of a coin, it also has its disadvantages as their are challenges that potential freelancers are likely to face.

This article would present some of the negative aspects of being a freelancer

You would be responsible for covering up some costs
As a freelancer, even though you would not be required to work in any office, but at home, you would be in charge of covering up all the cost that comes with business ownership such as equipping your home office, website design, accounting, marketing and many more.

That is not all, as you would also be responsible for building your client base.

You need to consider time management
Note that taking care of some tasks yourself as a freelancer would eat up the time that you are supposed to spend earning money.

Then when you are sick or about to take a vacation, you would not be paid during those periods.

You would be isolated
When you don’t work in an office with people, but at home, you would be isolated staying alone at home.

This is one of the disadvantages of working from home as not only would you not have the opportunity to interact with people when you are bored, there would be no one to correct you when you make a mistake.

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You would have variable workloads
If you plan on becoming a free-lancer, you need to know that there would be some times when you would be extremely busy and other times when there would be nothing to do. Working as a freelancer  is not predictable.

How to be accountable
Since there would be no boss or manager to check up on your progress at work, you would be accountable to no one but yourself.

In line with this, if you are not dedicated or responsible, you might end up failing at the job.

Lack of job security
As a free-lancer, there would be no certainty that you would get a job all the rime.

There are many distractions which can be posed from working from the house, some of which are distractions from personal telephone calls, the lure of the refrigerator, the popping in of your family and friends, the television and also some house hold chores.

There would be no fixed income
Unlike office workers who would receive their salary at the end of the month, freelancers get paid according to how they work which can make budgeting very difficult.