Police arrests man found having sex with dead woman

Police arrests man found having sex with dead woman

He was found having sex with the dead woman
He has been arrested

– He was found by the woman’s husband having sex with the woman’s body in the morgue.

– He has been arrested.

A nursing assistant, Grover Macuchapi, 27 has been arrested by the police after a grieving husband walked in on him having sex with the body of his late wife.

The 28-year old husband had left the body of his wife to go and pay some bills but he got back to meet the horrifying scene. According to the husband, the nurse had his pants down and he was moving on top of her.

The distressing event occurred at the Hospital de Clinicas in La Paz, Bolivia and he has been taken into the police custody.

The deputy director of the Bolivian anti-crime force, Douglas Uzquiano in line with what the husband said added that the nursing assistant was committing the crime of necrophilia.

Both the identities of the man and his late white has not been disclosed and although the police are currently discussing the charges Macuchapi would face, legal experts are studying the law books with the aim of finding a more serious charge which would carry a heavier sentence unlike the crime of “profanation” which would carry a lesser sentence.

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