woman praying

– Your prayers would receive answers

– Get it right

Have you prayed and it seems as though God does not answer prayers? Some people give up and put an end to their prayers because to them their prayers never gets answers or God is not giving a positive response to their prayers.

We often think that the only answers to get to your prayer are “yes”, why don’t you think that “no” could just be the appropriate answer to your prayer at times.

You would agree with me that it is not all you wishes your parent grants, so also, God does not grant all our wishes. Have you taken the time to notice that many times you ask for selfish reasons not necessarily need what you asking for?

Anyways, ensure you ask with the right motives, James 4:3 and try to put these things in place. You ask and do not receive because;

You ask with the wrong motives

This is of a major concern to God, many times you ask with very wrong motives, for self-centered reasons and never receive. God searches the heart when we ask, try to ask with a good and right motive.


a woman praying

You ask and do not receive because you don’t even believe in whom you ask from. Do you just ask because you know God is there and you could ask anything from him? Believe in him and ask with trust and confidence, believing that he would give to you.


Many times, you ask and do not receive because you doubt him. When you ask, God does not want you to doubt him. God desires that you ask in faith. therefore, throw you doubt and but your faith in action.

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Lack of consistency

Of a truth, there are times we ask from God and immediately we receive answers. But then, we need to come to the realization that there are times God wants to see how serious we are about what we ask for. This is in the place of persistence. The fact you don’t get a quick response does not mean He isn’t paying attention.

You do not ask in accordance with his will

I John 15: 14-15. Many times you do not receive because you do not ask in accordance with Gods will for you. Learn to know what the will of God is and ask according to his will. This way, your prayers would receive answers.

In case you have decided to stop praying, let me let you know that you are the one that loses. God has given you the go ahead to ask because he is ready to give to you.

Try checking some of this wrongs and make them right and begin to receive answers to your prayers. Never forget, a “No” from God could be the right answer for you at some point.