Purging: Its Causes, Effects and Treatment

Purging: Its Causes, Effects and Treatment



– The common causes of purging.

– Causes of purging, its effects, and remedies.


Purging is a condition associated with incessant visits to the toilet, vomiting, stomach upset etc.

It also refers to the efforts to undo or get rid of food after eating because of the effects of the food in the body.

This also refers to the efforts to undo or get rid of food after eating because of the effects of the food in the body.

It is also a symptom of any eating disorder and can happen occasionally or after overeating, rapid eating and binge eating.

If you notice a loved one regularly going to the restroom directly following every meal, this can be indicative of purging behaviors.

It is closely associated with shame and self-loathing.

Individuals struggling with purging disorder often isolate during and after mealtimes, avoiding meals with friends or big parties so that they do not purge.

Purging disorder is also an eating disorder characterized by recurrent purging itself which includes self-induced vomiting, the constant passing of feaces etc.

Watch what you eat.

Causes of Purging include;

1. Misuse of laxatives. If someone does not have gastrointestinal problems but consistently has diarrhea, this can be a sign of laxative abuse.

2. Overeating or binge eating is also a cause.

3. Consumption of expired foods.

4. Eating rotten or spoilt foods.

5. Eating half-cooked food.

6. Menstruation also leads to purging disorders.

7. Enema; this is an injection of fluid into the rectum usually for medical purposes.

Depending on the method, its consequences range from cosmetic to life-threatening. Effects of purging include;

  • Diuretics, which is an increasing amount of the frequency of urination.
  • It causes the feeling of emptiness and lightness.
  • It  also affect people both physically and psychologically.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • Incessant visits to the toilet.
  • Dehydration.
  • An individual who purges constantly may experience weight fluctuations.
  • Facial puffiness.
  • Bleeding or tearing in the esophagus.
  • Ulcers etc.
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It is important that anyone who purges treats themselves. So that dangerous conditions can be prevented or corrected.

You can either visit the doctor or pharmacist. You can also get over-the-counter medications. Copyright www.naijapr.com