Reasons why Women cheat on the Men they love

Reasons why Women cheat on the Men they love

Reasons why Women cheat on the Men they love

– She feels she is not enough for her partner.

– Women need to connect and feel taken care of.


Both genders are capable of cheating on their spouses. There is the number of a particular gender that cheats is higher than the other. However, there is no acceptable reason for cheating. You can also read When did Cheating become so acceptable.

Here are few reasons to why women cheat on the men they love:

She feels she is not enough
She feels she is not enough for her partner. She feels her partner rarely thinks about her or if she matters to him. Then she meets a man that gives her all the attention or he takes note of her and the feelings start to develop. Women need to connect and feel taken care of. When the estrogen level is high in a woman, she feels happier and less stressed. A woman who cheats may be hormonally driven to feel that she matters to someone. Stress is reduced and happiness increases based on a woman’s estrogen level.

She feels her partner does not enjoy her company
He does not seem to desire her both in and out of the bedroom. If someone comes her way and he finds her funny and unique, she feels desired in a way she has not felt from her husband in a very long time. Compared to men, women seem to be more kinesthetically stimulated. Which means women women get aroused through bodily feeling while men get aroused through visual stimuli. It is more stimulating for a woman when she feels desired than if a man feels desired. A woman tends to feel attracted to the person who stimulates pleasant feelings and sensational in her body.

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Her partner does not know her in a way she knows him
She hardly have meaningful conversation with her partner. This makes her feel disconnected. One thing leads to another, she finds a man who picks interest in her something she hasn’t experienced in a long time. Research shows that women connecting deeply with either a woman or man could increase her estrogen level. If she keeps experiencing that closeness, her estrogen increases which could lead to sexual feelings. Deep feelings could sexually stimulate her. It is more of an hormone responsible for a woman to cheat than a psychological phenomenon. Instead of a woman cheating, it is better she discuss what ever she is going through with her spouse and they could get help together.