Responsible Tourism: Dubai Afrika Feature Story

Responsible Tourism: Dubai Afrika Feature Story

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Responsible Tourism: Dubai Afrika Feature Story

by Chaste Inegbedion

This article is part of the interview series to promote responsible tourism as we countdown to World Travel Market in London. This hero specially selected with whom we explore the best practices in sales, marketing, and sustainable tourism communications. This series will be published between now, the opening of World Travel Market on November 6th and the closing of the ceremony to engage Airlines, Travel Agency, and Travel enthusiast to engage in responsible tourism for the global goals.

Let’s start with a representative with DUBAI AFRIKA with a Five Minutes and Five Questions only Chat

Chaste: Can you briefly tell us about you?

I am Entrepreneur Tolu Adesanmi.
I am a tourism entrepreneur, I have being in the industry for 5years,Started as the MD of Greenline Tourism Ltd after spending a short while in Dubai with the head office, Greenline Tourism LLC. So i basically came to Nigeria to set up the Nigerian office and after two years of smart work we created DubaiAfrika which is one of the fastest growing tourism platform in Nigeria.

Chaste: How do you communicate your efforts towards sustainable tourism to your guests?

Tolu: In this industry sustainable tourism is very key, at DubaiAfrika we lay emphasis on it as much as possible. We let our clients/tourists know how important it is to be positive, law abiding and well behaved generally at their host countries or travel destinations. Because negative or unruly behaviours in such countries always have a negative effect and consequences on not just the travel company but also on your nationality. So we always states this clearly to our clients in our terms and conditions, we also remind them on arrival in travel destinations and sometimes we go as far as requesting a guarantor from them, someone to stand for them back home and guarantee that they will abide by all our laid down rules to uphold sustainable tourism.

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Chaste: What’s your biggest challenge in communicating sustainability especially selling Tour packages?

Tolu: Well i think the major challenge is promoting sustainability in a flexible manner, I mean in a way not too strict or too serious to make tourist uncomfortable or make them feel like we are trying to control their freedom.

Chaste: What is unique or innovative about your sales, marketing, and communication approach?

Tolu: DubaiAfrika is popular for the uniqueness  and unprecedented approach in creating, promoting and sustaining our local and international tour packages using sports and entertainment as a tool.  We are not just a regular travel company, we use sports and entertainment to promote tourism and charity. In other words we create our tour packages with music, movie or sport celebrities as the tour guide leading our clients/tourists to their travel destination. This has been a major strategy which has helped to improve our sales and marketing.

Chaste: What expectations do you have, when you sponsor an event or provide pro-bono tourism package to an individual?

Tolu: Simply put traction. When we sponsor events, give out free trips or partner with a celebrity, we do it to get more traction, to create more awareness, to connect with a certain fan base or database to give DubaiAfrika more mileage.

Chaste: What’s your take on responsible tourism, does Dubai Afrika partake in responsible tourism and what are your expectations from this year World Travel Market in London?

Tolu: Responsible tourism is the way to go and Definitely we believe in responsible tourism, we always try to make sure our travel deals impact positively on our environment and the people, which is why even when we do a travel deal to Dubai, we come back to donate to charity though our CSR projects – The sickle cell and the orphanage support. We don’t only use tourism to enrich ourselves we impact in our local environment and the world we travel to.

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And one of my expectations at this year’s WTM is to see visible efforts from the organisers to promote responsible and sustainable tourism to all stakeholders and tourism entrepreneurs who are coming in numbers from all over the world for the 2017 WTM. It will be a great platform to showcase what responsible tourism is all about.


To Participate in the Next Responsible Tourism activities of Dubai Afrika Nigeria contact:

Tolu Adesanmi | Creative Director | DubaiAfrika Nigeria.
+2348188007568 | Social Media @DubaiAfrika