How to Rock the No-Pants Trend Sensibly

How to Rock the No-Pants Trend Sensibly

no pants trend, naijapr, fashion

– How to go “pant-less” as an everyday person

-Look “sane” and chic with no pants on


Rocking the Pant-less Trend Like a Fashion Guru 

Maybe, you’ve seen some pictures of some celebrities – Kendall Jenner, Bella or Gigi Hadid- rocking a simple top or shirt with a pair of high heels and you wondered why they didn’t have any pants (not panties) on. Well, just in case you don’t know, that’s what the pant-less or no-pants trend is about.

no pants trend, naijapr, fashion
Bella Hadid

It’s about going bare on the bottom end on an outfit that would traditionally have required a pair of pants, a skirt or maybe a pair of shorts. Well, the tradition is changing now as some trend-setting designers and celebs have decided to bring up the question of why people can’t go without a pair of pants. So far, it’s been working nicely with erm, some exceptions though.

no pants trend, naijapr, fashion
Amanda Seyfried

To be honest, this isn’t a completely new thing, from time to time women, celebrity or not, have been making fashion statements with a simple shirt or top choosing to omit a complementing bottom. Then and now, it could be really refreshing especially if it was done right. Right now, the difference is that it’s become a trend because a lot of people have caught on to it.

If you’re thinking of rocking this trend, you’re definitely in good company. Here’s some advice to help you rock it right:

You’re not a celeb

You are really a star, there’s no doubt about that, it’s just that you’re not a celebrity (or a runway model), who may not only be doing it for the sake of fashion but for the sake of making a few headlines. You may need to be more conservative in your choice of outfits and accessories.

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no pants trend, naijapr, fashion
Kristen Stewart

Don’t wear a no-pant outfit to visit your in-laws or on an event where you have to take public transportation. You may not be able to handle all the stares or whispers. I hope you get the drift.

Go longer

To adapt your desires to be fashion trendy to real life, you should probably do pant-less trend with something a bit longer than you might see in the magazines. To keep things safe and tidy, you should probably go with tops, jerseys or shirts that would be like the length of a short gown at least.  Don’t worry, you’ll still look gorgeous

Do sneakers and knee-length boots

no pants trend, naijapr, fashion

And high heels too; they also look gorgeous with the no-pants dressing but make sure you pick the right outfit.  Sneakers also look really great if you’re trying to complete a casual, summer look and knee-high boots just look gorgeous but the key is always to match with the right outfits.

Don’t go too tight

no pants trend, naijapr, fashion

For your pant-less outfits, try to stick to loose tops and probably something that is just about fitted. Don’t wear outfits that are too tight; you already have your bottom half on display.

Think about the event

You probably shouldn’t wear this trend to a formal dinner or some work-related event. Actually, there are a number of occasions where no-pants wouldn’t really be a good idea; try to sort that out sensibly.

Be age-appropriate

no pants trend, naijapr, fashion
Deepika Padukone

Even among celebs, it’s mostly the young and restless that have been hitting hard on this trend. The older ones keep it far and in-between and with a lot more taste and style.

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If you must get on the trend wagon for pant-less fashion, try to keep it age-appropriate if you’re 30 and above. If you’re 45 and above, whether Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry, be very careful. You don’t want your friends and family thinking you need an intervention.

Just be sensible

no pants trend, naijapr, fashion
Rita Ora

It’s takes a lot of creativity, taste and confidence to go out in jersey top or a simple shirt and not have people think that you’ve gone gaga. Fashion trends come and go but your neighbours and your co-workers will still be around to remember what you did last summer.

Don’t just see Miley Cyrus in a check shirts and a pair of doc martens and think you can do the same. Well, you can but you know she has a chauffeur, a couple of guards and has a lot of people expecting her to turn up and turn heads. Plus, you need to remember that some of those stars are really weird; you can’t just copy them!

You need to bring every fashion trend down into your own realities and that means you’ll need to tweak it here and there. Good luck!