Roy Price Resigns as Head of Amazon Studios

Roy Price Resigns as Head of Amazon Studios

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– Possible replacement expected to be a woman


Roy Price Has Resigned from Amazon Studios

Roy Price has resigned from his position at Amazon Studios. This comes a few days after he was suspended indefinitely. This marks the end of an era as Price is credited with starting the Amazon entertainment division which he had run from since then until the sexual harassment that led to his ouster.

His resignation was anticipated as many in the industry couldn’t see how Price could climb out of the incident. Many insiders believed that he would no longer be accepted as the streaming giant’s chief since the ugly details of the harassment accusation went public last week. It seems that Price thought stepping down would be better than being ostracized.

Isa Hackett’s going public with details of Price’s alleged propositioning and sexual harassment at the 2015 Comic-Con in San Diego revived rumours that had been flying around since last year. The details were bad enough to bring him down but actress Rose McGowan’s accusation that he was also aware about her ordeal with Harvey Weinstein also brought Amazon under extra pressure. McGowan claimed that the studios under price had turned deaf ears to her warnings, going ahead to reward Weinstein with collaborations and dropping her own script.

Eventually, as Amazon studios bowed to the public disgust to suspend Roy Price indefinitely for investigations sake, he also took the cue to step down to avoid further disgrace. Now, speculations around his replacement point to the possibility that the company would most likely chose a woman. Already, Amy Powell, Paramount TV President is being tipped as his replacement; her name had previously surfaced when the rumours of Price’s misbehaviour first emerged.


Apart from Powell, other names of other female executives who could take-over from Price have been thrown up but it remains to be seen what Amazon Studios will eventually decide.