Simple tips for improving your spoken English

    There are tips to help you improve your spoken English

    – Stay in an English speaking location.

    – Learn a new word everyday.

    – Learn how to collocate words.

    While a lot of people would love to have a good accent and speak good English, this is not the case as most times when they talk, they make lots of grammatical errors.

    If that is the case with you, this article is for you as it illustrates tips to improve your spoken English.

    In line with that, here are the things you should consider doing.

    Stay in an English speaking environment
    Stay in a place where those that speak good English reside in, then if possible, try to speak to them and also make friends with them.

    Read English books aloud
    Reading English books, especially the ones with dialogues will be helpful in exercising your vocal muscles.

    When you practice for some minutes everyday, using the dictionary as a guide to help you with the words you cannot pronounce, your spoken English would get better.

    Start with children books
    If your spoken English is very poor, instead of picking up novels to learn, try using books meant for children as they have words you can easily learn contained in them.

    Sing English songs and Watch English movies
    You can learn common expressions when you listen to English songs and watch English movies.

    Learn the lyrics of the songs and try to repeat some of the strange words you hear, noting the context in which they are used.

    Note that you should get recommended movies where the characters speak good English so that it can have a positive impact on the way you speak.

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    Make use of the Phonemic chart
    Try to learn the vowel and consonant sounds in English.

    Learning and using the sounds would help you pronounce words correctly.

    Learn how to collocate words
    Learn about the common combination of words and how they occur.

    Learn automatic responses
    Many of our responses are automatic, You can start learning from the short ones such as alright, okay, no, yes, just a minute, alright etc.

    You should not only learn them but also know the right time and context to use them.

    Learn a new word everyday
    Try to learn a new word everyday and commit it to your memory.

    Keep asking people better than you
    When you come across a word you don’t understand, try to meet people whose spoken English is better than yours and ask them to explain it to you.

    Keep speaking
    Keep speaking English language and don’t be shy when you make mistakes. Regular speaking and practicing of the language would make your spoken English better, whereas if you feel ashamed and keep your mouth shut, you can never improve it.

    If you try those tips, after a while, you would definitely be able to speak better English and communicate in a more competent and confident way.

    When you can now speak good English, if you want to, you can choose an accent you like (American, British or Ghanaian) and imitate it.