Solange Shares Photo of Her Wedding Day Breakout

Solange Shares Photo of Her Wedding Day Breakout

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– Solange Knowles revisits her not-so-perfect wedding outing

– What we can learn from her


Solanges Knowles Addresses Wedding Hive-Breakout With a Picture

There were tabloid reports of it then; Solange’s hive breakout on her wedding in 2014. Some of the pictures showed her sister, Beyonce, in the car with her trying to shield her from having her pictures taken. It’s not the kind of  position that anyone really wants their picture taken in; and especially not on your wedding day.

Well, Solange has chosen to address the matter and keep it real; the singer and songwriter chose to show a photo that captures the incident on her wedding day . She shared it on her Instagram page on Thursday.


After her wedding to Alan Ferguson, her mother, Tina Knowles explained in an interview that she had a reaction to seafood but was fine after she took some Benadryl. She was able to return to her reception after about two hours later and enjoy her day.

Solange did a brave and good thing by sharing that picture. For one thing, she helps to remind those who almost kill themselves trying to be like celebrities that celebrities aren’t perfect themselves. Apart from that, it brings to focus that myth that everything has to be perfect on your wedding day; and this often only applies to brides.

Why do brides have to be perfect on their wedding day? It’s very rare to hear such expectation for a groom. A groom could have a tear in wedding tux and it would become something to laugh about. On the other hand, one little thing out of place and most brides are having a melt down that could ruin the whole day.

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Does this wedding focus on perfection have to do with brides themselves being too uptight or is it more about the expectations that society has of women? It’s probably a combination of both. For one thing, people are meaner in their comments towards a bride that doesn’t look “pretty enough” or doesn’t look “put together” on her wedding day. Also, ladies too need to really take things easy. Most of the time, the people that matter- the groom and their family and friends (except, probably, the mother of the bride)- don’t really care.

Solange posting that picture do something  that seems small and personal but is actually big and importanti; it acknowledges that life is not perfect and your wedding day is not exempted. Also, it means your life, your wedding day, can be imperfect and still be beautiful and perfect. Most of the time,  we only realise this in hindsight as the belated Instagram post insinuates.