Stages football fans need to know about every transfer

Stages football fans need to know about every transfer

There are stages before a transfer is done


– There are stages of every transfer that football fans need to know about.

– The final hurdles in a deal are the medical permit which the player would have to get before he can be signed to the club.

This article explains what happens behind the scenes as different clubs bid to get deals over the line.

The first stage is the scouting
An evolving industry in football is scouting. The clubs start by having the right players involved. Here, they try to gather detailed statistical analysis of the players they have in mind.

A great way this is done is that within few minutes of the finishing of a game, the head of recruitment, director of football or the manager would upload videos of the match and then he would scrutinize players from the comfort of his office.

The second is the biding stage
Once a player has been identified, the next stage is the transfer. The club would submit a written offer for the player by fax or they can contact trusted agents to act on their behalf and the agents would then act as the intermediaries between the buyers and the sellers. copyright.

The next is to contact the player
Before the bid is submitted to them, the buying club would have contacted the players representatives to see if the player is interested in the move.

The next is the stage of negotiation
Negotiation meetings are usually very brief. If the player shows interest in the move, they would discuss the amount of wages he would be paid. copyright.

The agent would lay out a players demands and an official would give the club’s side of things.

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They would also discuss issues that relates to the salary, bonuses, personal and social considerations and also signing out fees.

The dilemma stage
The player would really need to consider a lot of things such as getting a new house for the new club’s location, moving and other things. This would require them to really think about making a right decision because their career is very short and any wrong decision can cost them. copyright.

The medical and work permit
Work permits are needed for any player over the age of 16 who does not own an EU passport.
After a certificate of sponsorship is produced by the club and submitted to the FA, the FA will grant the work permit if the player has played 75% of competitive games for a FIFA-ranked top 70 nation over the past two years.

If this requirement is not met, then the application would be rejected. The only exception is if it can be proven that the player was not available for the selection due to an injury.

The final hurdles in a deal are the medical permit which the player would have to get before he can be signed to the club.

Done deal!
After the fee and personal terms has been agreed upon, and the medical has been done, the paper work with the Premier League and the FA would be finalized. copyright.

Then the deal would be sealed!