Strange facts about Sex and Love

Strange facts about Sex and Love


– Women can manipulate their voices to sound more attractive.

–¬†Women tend to prefer masculine men during the fertile periods of their cycle.


You might be in charge of your life but it almost impossible to know everything that is going on in your body and mind. How much you do know about sex and falling in love. Coupled with that are health benefits of being in a relationship.

Here are fascinating facts to know about sex and love

Spouses may have similar DNA
People tend to chose their romantic partner with similar characteristic such as age, race, religion, probably income and upbringing. People also tend to marry others with similar DNA. This means there is high probability of you marrying someone with similar attributes including DNA.

Low blood sugar can create marital discord
Low blood sugar cause spouse to be angry at themself, the lower it gets, the angrier they also get. Reason been that low blood sugar cause people to feel hungry and therefore behave irrationally. It may sound dumb but the next time you want to have a difficult situation with your spouse make sure you are not hungry.

Being humble improves your love life
Humility in a relationship encourages relational repair in ongoing romantic couples. Humble spouses are more likely to forgive their significant other for their transgressions.

Women can make their voice sexier but not men
Study shows that women can manipulate their voices to sound more attractive. Men tend to prefer women with higher and more feminine voices, a woman can sound low and breathy. When a woman sounds sexy, she is acknowledging her interest in a male.

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Her cycle influences her taste
Women tend to prefer masculine men during the fertile periods of their cycle. Further study shows that women may want more sex during their ovulation period.

Love is good for your bones
Surprisingly, marriage appears ti strengthen a man’s skeleton especially if they wait until after age 25 to get married. Other study reveal that married people tend to live longer, mire likely to survive cancer and lessen risk of cardiovascular disease.

You always know if your relationship is unsure
Deep down you always know the answer if he or she is for you or not. Naturally, you just know unless you want to ignore the signs.

Sex burns calories
Study shows that men burn an average of 4.2 calories a minute during sex while women burn about 3.1. Altogether, men and women burn about 101 and 69 calories per period respectively.