The dos and don’ts of handling personal problems at work

The dos and don’ts of handling personal problems at work


– Don’t share too much information with your colleagues.

– Do have a control on your temper.

Be cautious with whom you tell

The human mind is not like that of the computer that can be programmed to do a certain thing at a certain time. Neither are they robots.

In fact, the lives of humans are far from being perfect, and those of professionals are not excluded.

Sometimes, due to some personal issues such as a struggling marriage, a sick family member, financial problems, illness or a tough time at home, a worker can lose concentration and misbehave in the office.

Such a person might even go ahead in the heat of the moment to do something that would damage his/her reputation.

This article gives tips to prevent that as it illustrates some things you should take into consideration while handling personal issues at work.

Don’t let it affect your work
If possible, dump the problems at home before you get to work. Don’t let the problem affect your work and try as much as possible to concentrate on your work. When you get back home, you can think about it.

Do confide in someone
If the problem is weighing you down, if appropriate, you can try to talk to your boss or another colleague about it. This is because two good heads are better than one and your confidant might help you look for a solution to your problem.

Note that the person you should choose as a confidant should not be a gossip as it would not be cool to have your personal issues all over the office.


Don’t share too much information with your colleagues
Know that no one’s life is perfect. Everyone has a particular imperfection they are working on, so the fact that you have some issues does not mean that you should share every piece of it to your colleagues and boss.

Try as much as possible to be discrete as if you go ahead to reveal too much about your personal life to them, even after you have got it solved, what you told them could be used against you.

Do have a control on your temper
There are times when you have personal problems that can make you moody and easily angry while at work.

Try as much as possible to not react in a negative way and take it out on others, especially while discussing with your boss and clients.

Even when you are frustrated, try to manage your anger and approach it in a reasonable and calm way.

Don’t take undue advantage
If after taking time to meet your boss to explain the issues with him, if he is sympathetic and gives you some time off or reschedule your hours, don’t take too much advantage of it.

Immediately you are able to, snap out of the problem and don’t let your productivity rate decline.

This is because if you do, it might lead to you being fired or a decrease in your salary.