The Emotan Statue

The Emotan Statue


– The Emotan Statue

– Kindness and mercy gave her an image down to today.

Have you ever visited the ancient Benin Kingdom? Then the statue of Emotan the popular market woman should come to your mind.

Emotan was instrumental in Ewuare’s reclaim of the throne as Oba of Benin after she told him of a murder plotted against him made by Uwaifiokun and some chiefs during his time in exile.

After her spectaular victory, it was however upon that basis that he statue was built on May 20, 1954. It is notable as a testament to the life and deeds of the woman that was Emotan.

The statue was unveiled by Oba Akenzua II in conjuction with colonial authorities. When you get the statue the tour guide would give you a detailed story of Emotan and also you can get to take pictures with statue.

Never forget that good deeds and kindness gave he that crown and glory that lives on afte he demise.

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