The Five Stages of Breast Cancer

The Five Stages of Breast Cancer

The Five Stages of Breast Cancer

– October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

– The stages help to reflect the size of the tumour and how far it has reached.


There is always an assigned stage for every cancer diagnosed. Breast cancers are assigned a stage based on biopsy results and other blood tests and imaging scans. Breast cancer stages help patients and the medical team make appropriate decisions for treatment and also understand the chances of survival. The stages help to reflect the size of the tumour and how far it has reached. You might want to read tips to keep breast cancer away.

Here are five stages of breast cancer you need to know

Stage 4 breast cancer
The stage 4 of breast cancer has spread inward into the body often the bones, liver, lungs and brain. Stage 4 is considered incurable. Drugs are the main treatment of stage 4 breast cancer however, chemotherapy is also recommended. Rarely. surgery and radiation are used to alleviate symptoms for instance if a breast cancer tumour is causing pain.

Stage 3 breast cancer
Stage 3 breast cancer is an advanced cancer. In this stage, it has spread to the lymph but not to other organs. The stage 3 breast cancer is divided into three categories which is 3A, 3B and 3C based on the tumour lymph node involvement. Stage 3 treatment varies. Some people may require a surgery called mastectomy the entire removal of the breast while some a breast lumpectomy and radiation together with chemotherapy and lymph node removal. Patients may also have hormone treatment or targeted cancer therapy. Stage 3 breast cancer victims usually have surgery to remove at least some of the lymph nodes. Read Unfamiliar signs of Breast Cancer recurrence.

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Stage 2 breast cancer
Stage 2 breast cancer is still in an early stage but it growing. Stage 2 breast cancer are larger that stage 1 and involve lymph nodes that are still treatable. Treatment include mastectomy and lumpectomy together with radiation and chemotherapy.

Stage 1 breast cancer
Stage 1 breast cancer has started spreading to healthy breast tissue. Stage 1 breast cancer has not spread across the breast and no lymph nodes are involved. Treatment at this stage is lumpectomy then radiation. Chemotherapy could also be done if necessary.

Stage 0 breast cancer
Stage 0 breast cancer is also known has pre-cancer. The most common stage 0 breast cancer is when the abnormal cell growth begins in the milk ducts of the breast. This stage means it hasn’t spread to other tissue in the breast. It has not spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body. Treatment for this stage is usually surgery alone or with radiation. Also read Myths about Breast Cancer you need to stop believing.