The giant!!!– a must read

The giant!!!– a must read


– The giant!!!– a must read

-Who is a giant?

-What makes a gaint?

-When does a giant cease to be?

-What should the failing giant do to regain their giantism?


- The giant!!!-- a must read
Bill Goldberg

The giant!!!– a must read

Presupposedly, this piece views in pieces the story of a giant-a failing giant.

It means therefore that you certainly must be a giant to read this. If you are not or have been convinced not to be, I advise that you please shy away from reading.

To the convinced giants on the other hand, I welcome you to the “GIANT” story.


- The giant!!!-- a must read
fallen giant

A giant has been defined as a mythical human with a great size. In fact, to some persons, just as was my former presumption, the “human of great size” part of the definition is most acceptable. Our attention and emphasis most times point this.

But is this really all about giants? And should that always be the case? Better asked, should this perception be the most generally recognised attribute of true giants? Well, may be not.

The giant!!!– a must read

My authorial perspective tells me otherwise. To be called a giant goes beyond having the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sort of size.

So it does mean more than mere possessing a super huma body buildup. There are more than a thousand and one qualities that define who a giant truly is.

These factors are a must have characteristics. Most particular of these never-can-do-without characteristics is STRENGTH.


Yes, perhaps your guess was just right. Strength has nothing to do with greatly appearing physique. You may have the size of Goliaths and yet fall within moments to the size and crafts of David’s.


Just imagine one who is considered Africa’s strongest man. Imagine this acclaimed gaint hasn’t put a morsel of food down his bullet since the last one and half months, not to talk of having drunken a cup of cup for once within this period.

My question to you is: will his present predicament tell on or deprive him of his physical height and lankiness? Obviously no. He is great but famished and at the same time lacking in strength.

It will therefore be a suicide mission on his part of he dares a challenge with me, yes me. Forget that I am bear with rules of the ring or those of African local wrestling.

To this end, what makes a giant is not entirely the physical size but rather the size of the  giant within.

A giant without a giant in them is a giant less giant vulnerable to disasters waiting to happen.

What then must a failing giant do to regain their gaint or giantism? Exactly, they must be on the mission to find and power the dying giant in them.

For a moment, I have paused to ask myself which nations of the world have public opinions proven to best fitting in the category of the failing giant.

In my wander land, I found a west African nation called Nigeria. Some rather sarcastic views have at some point described Nigeria as a gaint of Africa.

The interesting but rather bitter thing here is that the country is a once upon a time Giant who now has lost the “G” in her G.I.A.N.T to other countries within the African continent, particularly neighbouring Ghana; while left to style for the A.N.T therein.


Well, this may or mayn’t be the case. But some facts have  recently shown that the country is tending towards plummeting into the realm of failing giants.

Economically, the country is yet to be remarkably in-oblivious on the map. Or you want to mention the country’s politics?

Remember the popular politics within the country as been described in an article titled “Who will tell the story” as “Poly trick.” In fact, some have called it poly ticks.

The Senate is a platform to trick the masses and enrich personal wallets. If you have been told by medical experts you won’t ever grow fat, the Nigerian senate is one only place that report could be proven otherwise.

Security is another very big big challenge within Nigeria’s coast. In fact, it’s a no-go area. The country has recently found her flag on mast of world terrorist nations.

To say the truth, the GIANT in this  country, I believe, has been crippled by many pastor factors not oblivious to the country, her people, leaders and in fact, me.

We all know why things seem not to be working despite the change theme. You know of the missing budget? The Senate versus Amaech recent dramaturgy. Terrorism. Fuel scarcity! Poverty. Increasing unemployment. The canker worm known as corruption????

However, it is never too late for the country as well as other failing world’s giants to reclaim their giant.

Only a personal and general Psychological rehabilitation will heal our crippled “in-us” giant!

We must shine the light individually as patriotic citizens, critics, onlookers and passers-by, to brighten  our local corners and governments.

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Let’s desist from the “let’s join them slogan.”

Me must stop pointing fingers from today as none is innocent. Each an  everyone is a major stakeholder in the crippling of our world’s potential giants.

- The giant!!!-- a must read
Failing giant