The Ooni of Ife: A Modern King?

The Ooni of Ife: A Modern King?

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Ooni of Ife and Tomi

Conversations with the Monarchs (Such as the Ooni of Ife) in Africa hardly goes with individuals in their youth or as it’s called today, the Millennial generation.

Today, we have a monarch who has a history of engaging his work and reign with a distinct authentic approach. Apart from being the one of Africa’s top royal fathers, The Ooni of Ife is an enlightened and genuine deep thinker, a proven strategist who understands the power of good culture in the growth of any Nation.

He has an obvious intention of steering up a large movement that is involved in moving Africa beyond the mediocre into a problem-solving environment for now and the future.

Sometime in February, he called on a millennial entrepreneur Tomi Wale, a thought leader and the creative director of a leading creative strategy and millennial insight company in Sub-Saharan Africa- GetUpInc to come have a conversation with him. Considering the busy schedule typical of a King, he set a time many would consider to be for relaxation. This was late evening.


Ooni of Ife, Oba of Lagos, Tomi Temowo
Tomi Temowo

Think of that as a rare scenario where a leader in Africa is giving a good reception to the future!

According to Tomi (@tomiwale_),

“The conversation was beyond what’s normally expected from Kings in Africa. Above the beautiful protocols that made me feel closer to the source, The Ooni of Ife is the kind of leader we should have at this time.

His attention to details and systems thinking abilities would be good as case studies in professional education. He understands and is creating the characters that should aggregate the future of Africa’s development.”

He further added “I found his fusion of old tradition and contemporary sense of innovation very fascinating. A lot of beautiful things are going on. About four sentences into answering the first question he threw at me on the relevance of my work in the next half-century, he paused and said “I like you, you are such a futuristic guy”, I smiled and told him Thank You ‘Kabiyesi’ (i.e Your Majesty).

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He allowed me continue and the ways he landed my sentences, nodded and shook his feet in acknowledgment made me know that the thoughts of a great & enabling environment in Africa is possible.”

Here are some of things Tomi Wale observed about the Ooni of Ife that late evening:
  1. The Ooni of Ife is very (or extremely) hard working.
  2. The Ooni of Ife spots mediocrity within seconds.
  3. The Ooni of Ife has an outstanding global & authentic approach to thoughts.
  4. The Ooni of Ife respects Order.
  5. The Ooni of Ife listens and takes words seriously!

Tomi said the conversation ended around 12am and he was more encouraged about the future.

Recent events could have put him in some misguided perceptions by the public, but consider the kind of leader who understands precedence and has a clear understanding of why many things are this way in our country. A stickler of enduring values, the Ooni of Ife is WILLING to engage in matters that will bring growth & development into our space rather than just bearing his majestic names and sitting back in Ife town.

He considers his influence being the No1 king in the Yoruba kingdom as an opportunity to foster deliberate growth and solve problems from the grass root. A true leader is willing to serve his people and that means doing all he can to encourage the deserved growth.

Contrary to the seeming general discussions, The Ooni of Ife is not a naïve king; The Ooni of Ife is the kind of leader very much needed today. Take every opportunity you find before him to learn and get the influential backup needed that will contribute to the growth of your endeavors.

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We need more leaders like him.





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