Thirteen facts about R&B crooner, Banky W!

Thirteen facts about R&B crooner, Banky W!

Banky W

– He is a R&B crooner.

– He is a qualified engineer.

– He is an American citizen.

Banky W and his fiancee in the hospital

Popular Nigerian rhyme and blues singer, Banky W recently underwent a successful skin cancer surgery for the third time to remove tumors from his shoulders.

He took to Instagram to appreciate God for his mercy and love, and also for preserving his life.

Here are other facts about him.

His real name
Although popularly known as Banky W, his real name is Olubankole Wellington.

How he became popular
It was the song, “Ebute Meta”, a remix of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” which he released in 2008 that made him popular. Currently, he stands as one of the most influential artistes in Nigeria.

He is a family man
He is very fond of his family and he never hesitates to send a loving shout out to them whenever the occasion calls for it.

He has no baby mama
Unlike his contemporaries, he has no baby mama running around and he is engaged to be married to actress, Adesua Etomi.

He is a qualified engineer
He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York and he practiced as a qualified engineer for a while in the United States before he left it for music.

His passion
He is a self-confessed lover of writing and he often writes the lyrics of his songs. He also puts down his thoughts on various issues on his blog titled, “The Bank Statement”

He is an American citizen
He was born in the United States of America and it was when he was five-years-old that he moved with his family back to Nigeria after which he returned there for his university education.


He has business Acumen
At the age of 21, he teamed up with some of his friends and they established Empire Mate & Entertainment (EME) which gained a lot of prominence in their New York base. Then in Nigeria, he has been featured in lots of successful Corporate Marketing Campaigns, some of which are: Coca Cola’s World Cup theme song, Microsoft’s Anti-Cyber Crime initiative, Etisalat’s 0809ja’s launch, then most currently, that of Samsung.

He loves cooking
He has a passion for cooking, and he regularly uploads photos of his latest cooing experiment on his social media pages.

He is an activist
He has been widely involved in lots of Nigerian empowering projects and campaigns. This can be buttressed with the role he took during the 2011 general election and the fact that he was involved in the “Occupy Nigeria” rally where he played a role in mobilising the youths.

He is a philanthropist
He is the brain behind the “I am Capable” scholarship scheme which is about helping university undergraduates who meet the grade requirement and are in need of financial support.

He is an Arsenal Fan
He is a die-hard Arsenal fan who has been known to take to whining on Twitter whenever his team loses a match.

He has won a non-musical award
Apart from the fact that he has been able to get awards for some of his songs such as the John Lennon Song Writing Awards in the R & B category and several others, he was able to win the Albany Idol Contest in 2003 when he was an undergraduate.