Tips for giving excuses when you are going to be late


    – Check out the best excuses for being late to work.

    – Some are very creative and quite funny.

    Some employees are fond of being late to work regularly, and some of the common excuses they give is that there was traffic, they over slept and the fact that the weather condition was not favourable.

    Other excuses that are not common, but are also being used are: the employee found a snake in the toilet, he fell asleep in his car when he got to work, she accidentally put superglue in her eye instead of her contact lens and she had to go to the emergency room, a hole in his roof caused rain to fall on his alarm clock which spoilt it and other creative excuses.
    Note that while no one is perfect, and issues are bound to arise, there are things you need to consider before getting to work late.

    Inform your boss
    If it is something you know would make you come late beforehand, inform your boss, then if it is an emergency, try to make your boss know as soon as possible that you are going to turn in late. You can do this through sending a message or an email.

    Be honest
    Getting caught up in a lie is not good for your job, and since it is not always easy to remember what you said to people and there is a good chance that a bald-faced lie would come back to bite you, just try to be mostly honest.

    Note that some employers follow up with employees to see whether or not they are lying, therefore, it pays to be honest.

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    Keep it simple
    Try not to overshare your excuse for not coming early as sometimes, an overly detailed excuse might sound fake, and besides, there are some excuses you need to keep from your boss such as the fact that you were interviewing for another job.

    Be very thoughtful
    Try as much as possible to only skip work when your absence would not really be missed.
    Make sure you use excuses sparingly

    Make sure you only excuse yourself from work when things get out of control so that you would not be known as a perpetual latecomer with series of excuses.

    Note that your excuse would be more tolerable if you offer to stay late or come in early the next day to make up for what you were not able to do.