Tips on How To Wear A Waist Trainer

Tips on How To Wear A Waist Trainer

waist trainer

– Dos and don’ts for wearing a waist trainer

– Getting your desired shape with a corset


How to wear a waist trainer

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Waist trainers are body shapers that are touted go the extra mile because they help to facilitate weight loss. This is said to be possible because of the high-compression and micro massage that they offer when you wear them.

Apart from the instant shaping that comes from wearing a waist trainer, it also slims the body and makes the stomach flatter. Waist trainers come with latex lining that induce a lot of sweating and this is said to help the body shed fat and get rid of toxins fasters. The promise is that if you wear a waist trainer with consistency, combining it with regular exercise and healthy eating habits, you will get a slimmer and better curved figure. The results take time but manufacturers claim that if you do it right, the result will become evident in a short while.

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There’s been a lot of rave about waist trainers recently with a lot of celebrities coming out to endorse their use with many of them showing us slimmer and better shaped bodies  which they claim are the results of waist training with exercise and diet. For those who aren’t celebs with many other resources at their disposal, the results might not be not as sudden or glamorous. However, many regular people have also claimed to have used these trainers with positive results

If you’re interested in using  waist trainers, here are some tips on how to use them:

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Find Your Fit

You need to select a garment that fit your body type so that you can train your figure along its natural shape. Search for well-constructed garments made with quality fabrics that can last long.

Start Easy

Don’t be in too much of a rush to get results. start with wearing your trainer for no more than 2-5 hours and build up on that as you becomes more tolerant and comfortable with it.

Be consistent

You will need to wear this garment consistently to allow your body get used to it and eventually see the kind of results you desire. For many people who claim that waist trainers are just hype, they may have failed to see results because of inconsistency.

Constantly increase the periods of wearing your waist trainer once you have achieved comfort and consistency at a certain level. However, if you are content with the results you have, you may choose to maintain consistency at that level.

Combine with the a healthy lifestyle

You can’t just live in your live in your corset and expect everything to become perfect. You have to combine it with right eating and exercise. Keeping your mid-section encased all the time may lead to atrophy; this is why you must learn to condition your core and abdomen muscles with exercise.

Don’t ignore discomfort

Whenever you feel uncomfortable with symptoms like stomach or waist pain, shortness of breath, swelling in waist and leg area, numbness of legs or nausea, please take off the waist trainer immediately.

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If you are uncomfortable and unbalanced anytime you try to use a waist trainer, it may be best if you desist from using it completely; it may just not be for you.

Maintain hygiene

It is better if you have more than one waist trainer and find a way to clean and freshen them up from time to time. You may choose to alternate or rotate your waist trainers while air-drying those that are not in use. You may also choose to dry clean them.

Be patient

Don’t be carried away with the results other people say they are getting, stick to your own course; all you have to do is be consistent and you will get results in due time. Also, do not be a hurry to outdo yourself or others so that you do not harm yourself. Be patient and you’ll get the results.

However, let you expectations be realistic. Keep in mind that celebrities are often paid to promote products so don’t rely on their claims. Nothing can substitute exercise and good lifestyle in keeping fit. Also, if you are not born with a certain kind of figure, there may be a limit to what a waist trainer can do. If you’re trying to beat nature, you may need to procure some cosmetic surgery.