Top Cool apps every Smart phone user should have for 2018 (1)

Top Cool apps every Smart phone user should have for 2018 (1)

The apps are a must have

-Action Movie FX.

-Boomerang notifications.


Smart phones which are perhaps the most iconic of all inventions have really transformed our lives as they have literally made our hitherto difficult work extremely easy. Perhaps even more amazing are the various apps that we can download on the various play stores available to us.

With millions of apps available for download, it is highly imperative that you get the best.

This article present to you some really amazing apps I think would really make you get more out of your Smartphone in 2018.

Created five years ago, this really amazing app, previously known as ‘Read it later’ might just be the very app you have been waiting for.

It is used largely for saving things to look at later and you don’t have to be bothered about re-searching for that amazing video or cool music, all you need to do is just Pocket it.

Not only is this app compatible with Browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox, it can also be downloaded for free.

Action Movie FX
For those of you who are action movie lovers, this app is definitely for you. This app basically helps you add some really cool action movie effects to any video you record.

The commonest effects being Car crash and Missile attack. All you need do is select the effects available then shoot a short video.

The app then guides you on how to incorporate the effects into the video. You can also download some additional effects for a small extra amount.


This app came at a time when the security of our files and important documents is extremely crucial.

A large number of people have had to create newer accounts simply because they forgot the password of their previous accounts, but 1Password is a password manager that helps to save your passwords for all your logins to various websites.

That is amazing. Isn’t it?

Boomerang notifications
Has a notification ever popped up on your screen while you were doing something really important and you cleared it instantly in annoyance only to realise seconds later that you had been expecting it for over two weeks?

By the time you realise that, you would then begin to count your losses because it could be very difficult to get it back.

With Boomerang notification, this would become a thing of the past as this cool app helps you to save the notifications for later and even has a reminder option to remind you of the notification when it’s time.