A Trip To the Center of Conservation: Lekki

A Trip To the Center of Conservation: Lekki


– A Trip To the Center of Conservation: Lekki

– The Conservation Center offers nature walks

Lagos is of the city that you would never imagine would be a tourist attraction. This city or state had been since the days of our colonial masters. This state also has become a mega city and you would have imagined that it has little or nothing to offer.

However, less we forget, this place has indeed a lot of places that you can visit. Let us now look at the Lekki Conservation Centre.

This Conservation centre has a land mass of at least 78 hectares, and is curently managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). The place indeed has a lot of fresh air as the centre can be relaxing after the hustle and buzzling of a days activity.

The air in lagos is so polluted that at all times you need to have something good into the body. This LekkiConservation Centre is one place that can indeed be of great help to you.

A lovely site view of the centre

The Lekki Conservation Centre is always opened from 8:30-5pm every week days and on public holidays. Over 50,000 visit the place on a monthly basis. The lagos State Government has indeed pumped a lot of money into it to make visistor feel at home and forget that they are in Lagos.

Have you tried climbing bridges with a lot of ropes and no conventional railings? Well, here at Lekki Conservation Centre you have an oppurtunity to do so. This Centre iss located at kilometer 19 along the Lagos-Epe Expressway and ends up a very close distance to the Atlantic Ocean near Okun Ibeju Village, Eti-Osa Local Government Area in the Eastern district of Lagos State.

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You may ask, what else does this Conservation centre have? Well, we have to your delight some excellent nature walks and bird watching opportunities, family Park is a world-class picnic haven and offers nature walks, picnic and sporting facilities, tree House, nature Station, bird Hide, swamp Look-out Station, Rotunda, Beach Volley-ball courts and Spectators’ pavilion, Barbecue joints, Jungle gym facilities (Zip Lines, monkey bars, etc) and a Serene and secure environment.

Why don’t you visit this place and let us know about it.