Types of Friendships you have in your 20s

Types of Friendships you have in your 20s

Types of Friendships you have in your 20s

– You love hanging out with some of your friends because they are fun to be with.

– While are for a short period of time, other are there forever.

We all know the kind of friends that you know you guys will never last forever. Yes, you love them but it can’t just be. There are different types of friends in your live, some stick around until you are racing together till you are old while others are just for a short period of time.

Hetre are the types of friends you definitely have

The Drama Queen
This type of friend turns any situation into a big deal. The treat every little issue in their life like it a raging storm. They blow up everything out of proportion by over exaggerating.

The Hoe bag
You definitely love hanging out with this person because they are fun to be with. You probably chose where to take her to and where not to. She might push you to do things you shouldn’t be doing in your relationship. Also, she might turn out to give the best relationship advice.

The Work wife
This friend probably knows more about you than your best friend does. She keeps the positive attitude in your work. You probably don’t get to talk again if you stop working in the same organisation.

The jealous friend
This type of friend get mad at you for hanging out with other people. They are clingy. They always want to be your focus of attention, always calling and texting them. They always want to know everything that is going on in your life.


The one who disappeared
This friend is great but something happened and you people don’t talk again. You try reaching out but she is busy.

The big mouth
This type of friend probably get all your attention because they get to know everything that goes on in the city. You became close so fast. You both share a lot of secret but you later got to know that your secrets have been spilled.

The forever friend
This type of friend has been there through thick and thin. She knows when you are busy, when you are down and all you need is a crying shoulder. She is always by your side for life. They got your back any day, any time.