Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less

Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less

Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less
victorious Atletico

Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less

Weeks back when the UEFA champions league draw was done, a whole lots of comments were made by football fans across the globe.

With the draws tying ‘’fierce’’ but ‘’small dog’’ Atletico Madrid up against an ‘’almighty and title favorites’’ Bayern Munich, it was the thought of many fans that the La Liga team would not survive the heat from Pepp Guardiola’s massive Bayern.

Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less
magical City

Same as was in the draw of England club Manchester City against La decimal team- almighty Real, Man City would in no least have a chance.

Reasons of Bayern’s and Real Madrid’s massiveness and dominance in both league games as well as the European competition have flooded everywhere.

However, the first first leg of the two semifinal games on Tuesday has left the dominance and initial expectations of many in doubt, if not dashed.

Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less

Real were away to Manchester City on Tuesday but failed to show the dominance was earlier trusted in it as they were held in a goalless rout in the encounter, although team’ most prolific striker- C. Ronaldo had watched from the bench due to injury.

More surprising was the second semifinal showdown between averagely rated Diego Simeone’s Atletico and merciless Bayern. Although the Spanish team had fought on home soil, many would still have expected Bayern to outshine the La Liga title contenders.

Shockingly, the result had seen a reversed turn with Atletico coming out victorious with Saul Niguez’s 11th minute goal.

Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less
Barca Bows out

It would be recalled that it was the same way Barcelona was tipped to edge Diego’s men at the quarter final draws but the La Liga defending champions were convincingly eliminated.


Then one is forced to ask if it is the case that the mighty are not doing enough or perhaps a different tale of the small dogs coming back on revenge missions?

The big and super figures in Bayern such as the likes of Lewandowski, Arturo Vidal, Douglas Costa,  Neur, could not but chicken out, failing to make impacts.

For Real too, the big names had also failed to impress , leaving their team the risk of elimination should City make it count at the Santiago Bernabeu.

It has been two years on that Atletico have overcome the might of Barcelona in the quarterfinal. They are yet again en route to an Italian final.

May be it is time football fans and enthusiasts alike stopped judging intending outcomes of matches based on the ‘’so called mighty’’ names of so called big clubs, if at all such things exist.

Uefa Champions League: the mighty doing less