Video of the Day – “Nobody Ugly” (P-Square)

Video of the Day – “Nobody Ugly” (P-Square)

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Video of the Day – “Nobody Ugly” by P-Square

“Nobody Ugly” is a single released by the music duo, P-Square, earlier this year. The song which is rendered mainly in their native dialect, Igbo, is melodious and danceable but it comes with a very important and hard-hitting message.

The music video for “Nobody Ugly” brings visuals that also address the subject-matter of the song- the recent craze to portray glorified images of ourselves that have basis in reality. The song also points to how social media has seemed to help people live this fake life. At the end of the day, there’s a message of self-love and confidence that could help turn away from this- knowing that nobody is ugly. You just have to love yourself the way you are.

Watch the video:

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