VSCO Introduces Messages To App

VSCO Introduces Messages To App


– VSCO private messages is in an effort to encourage people to interact with each other.

– The new feature will be made available for the VSCO X user’s.

According to Wikipedia (VSCO) Visual Supply Company was founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in California in 2011. The company raised $40 million from investors in May 2014. And in 2015, it acquired Artifact Uprising, an artisan photo album company.[6] Visual Supply Company has locations in Denver, Colorado and Oakland, California but is based at the Oakland site.

The Photo editing and sharing platform has also recently announced the launch of private messages in an effort to encourage people to interact with one another on its VSCO app.

The new feature will be made available for the VSCO X user’s first and will come to free users in the upcoming weeks. VSCO’s messaging app works similarly like other messaging services and much specific to Instagram’s direct message feature. With this innovative change, users can forward images that they see in their feeds just by tapping the arrow icon, which is much similar to Instagram. Users can forward images they see in their feed by tapping an arrow icon, just like they can on Instagram. A private conversation is then started.

With VSCO Cam, the company is bringing a series of its trademark tools and filters to the mobile app. While Instagram makes your photos look interesting, VSCO makes them look real, of course with the use of the exceptional filters. Now that phone cameras are sharp enough, VSCO is attempting to touch the next level of photography by making users’ picture real enough.

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VSCO explains, “By following you, they have shown an interest in your content and creative conversation is a natural next step.” Users will be given various tools for controlling Messages, including the ability to block someone, report them, and leave a conversation. If necessary, the user can also unfollow a person, which will prevent them from messaging back altogether.