Ways to improve your executive presence

Ways to improve your executive presence

There are ways you can improve your executive presence

-It is essential for entrepreneurs to be able to communicate like leaders.

-You need to be conscious with how you present yourself

I once encountered a leader who due to a misunderstanding in the office broke down and started crying. A lot of people were surprised because on a normal day, she was expected to be able to overcome the situation, but she was not able to do so.

As a result of that, people stopped believing she was reliable and they stopped trusting her to perform well.

Note that the respect stopped not because she was not capable of doing her job well, but because she did not present herself as a leader and because of that single encounter, she lost her high executive presence.

Naijapr presents you with the ways to improve your executive presence.

Be aware of the way you appear
You need to make sure that you are well dressed for meetings or events when you are meeting someone, especially if the person is new to the workplace. This is because if you appear too casual, sloppy or not well groomed, you may be ascribed negative traits such as the fact that you are not senior enough to do the job or you are too lazy.

You need to be conscious with how you present yourself
There are some things you should not do while at work because you need to present yourself well. If you do them, people would not think you are reliable and in line with that, they may not trust you to do your job.

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Note, nobody expects you to cry and say you are having a bad day because that would show you are not in charge of the situation. In line with that, it is essential to note that if you want to be perceived as being reliable and capable, you need to act that way.

Try to be aware of the way you communicate
Try to make your voice clear, present and strong, then also project an action-oriented aura which would communicate your seriousness to others.

Be smart                        
Try to be aware of your energy. When you walk into a room, do not slouch your shoulders, rather, you should stand straight with good energy. Maintain eye contact with others and give a firm handshake. All these matter in communicating a strong executive presence.

Consider what makes you different
You need to consider your differentiating factor which is what makes you special. You need to broadcast it so that people doubting you can take note of it. As a means of broadcasting, you can blog about it or create a seminar to teach others about it.

Note that being a leader and an expert at something teaches you how to embrace the spotlight, share your talents to other people which would help you to create a network, take a leadership role and also be able to create new opportunities for yourself.

Also note that executive presence deals with how you control a room, the impressions you make and also the way you are able to control the people around you both verbally and through your appearance.

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