Ways to help your child get rid of childhood obesity

Ways to help your child get rid of childhood obesity

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– Childhood obesity is now rampant.

– There is nothing better than cooking for your child.


Childhood obesity is now rampant. A healthy diet is important in eliminating obesity in children. Filling your child with junks is not healthy for them even though you are trying to avoid them getting angry. There is nothing better than cooking for your child.

Here are ways to help your child eliminate childhood obesity:

Stop complaining
Complaining or nagging about your child’s weight won’t get you anywhere. However hitting on weight could make the him/her lose the self esteem they are trying to build. With love, constantly tell her how unhealthy extra weight can affect her confidence. You can help by making rules and keeping a close watch at his/her diet.

Be an example
If your child is packing up junk, it may be because you do the same. Practice what you tell your child. Keeping a healthy diet and your child may follow in your shoes. copyright www.naijapr.com

No comparison
Comparing your child with other children will not help. Every child with different metabolism and different body structures. Instead of pointing out their friends to them, make them see reasons with you. Why it important to keep a healthy diet and exercise. Also share the disadvantage of obesity with your child.

An active lifestyle
Nowadays, most children are busy with electronic gadgets. It keeps them busy, making it rare to go out and play. Help them get involve in a physical activity daily. Introduce activities that are fun and maybe sport he/she likes. copyright www.naijapr.com

Watch the diet
You can visit a dietician for a healthy diet plan for your child. Make sure no calorie was omitted because they need all nutrients to help them grow. Cut down on the junk and processed foods and start introducing home cooked food.

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End the reward
Eating out is a reward paid by most parents after a little accomplishments. Breaking your child’s eating plan for night out could cause more harm psychologically than physical. That may become part and parcel of your child and start expecting rewards for every of their acts. Don’t make them or help them divert their commitment in keeping their diet.