– The war against corruption though commending is just an aspect of the promised change, what is happening to other parts?

– A reminder that Mr President has four years

WHAT IS CHANGE? QUESTIONS NON-RHETORICAL. The recent interview premium times granted the chairman of APC has shown us a few things about this government.

For one, it appears this government never prepared adequately for the situation that we have found ourselves in despite spending much of the campaign proclaiming the doom that was to befall Nigeria if we had chosen to stay with Goodluck Jonathan. They cannot tell us they didn’t know the situation was bad enough.

“Change’’ it now appears was merely an ideology that was not supposed to last more than the campaign period.

The words of Mr John Odigie Oyegun shows that they have a plan of laying whatever foundation they want to lay while people suffer for four years, having the eyes on 2019 as the designated time the change will finally happen.

The lingering fuel scarcity is one that has held the nation to ransom. With so much reference to the Minister of State for Petroleum, one would ordinarily think he is the overall custodian for the ministry.

A pensive Muhhamadu Buhari
A pensive Muhammadu Buhari

Why do we have a coordinating minister of petroleum? Why did Buhari choose to be the minister of petroleum? To grow the sector or to monitor contracts? On what ground exactly did he make himself the Minister? What exactly has he added to the sector after Eleven months?

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This present administration has taken to redefining the concept of ‘change’ as more of an ideology than a supposed concrete reality. We had a clear definition of the word change during your campaigns. And we were not expecting magic.


If we were expecting magic we wouldn’t wait till now to talk. Magic wouldn’t take hours, and as such we wouldn’t take days to start asking question.

But we voted the man we believed would give us change, a concrete change, a gradual and progressive change from bad to good. We didn’t vote revolution, we know it would take time, but it is getting too long. We didn’t vote retrogressive change, we voted progressive change. Let us have it. By the way, you being the minister of petroleum, have not shown us you are better than Diezani.

Where is the 10000 megawatts promised in six months? Where are the jobs? In 11 months, how many jobs have been created? You haven’t even stabilized the economy. Naira fell before your own very eyes, it is still failing. Power is not at 2500 megawatts. You continue your tour round the world. Spreading our dirty linen everywhere you.

Is that the way to bring development to your country? Is that the way you earn respect in your Fulani tribe, by telling your friends how corrupt your family members are? Exonerating your own self? We know we have to endure the challenges for a time, a short time you always said, but how short the time, is 10 months not short enough?

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Or the length of your shortness is in years, four years? And with the nagging already, it is like the only plan this people have is to remind us of our past, the same past we thought we had dropped by voting you into power.

And it already appears the president is 100 percent concentrated on fighting corruption, very well, but it will not put food on the tables of Nigerians. Even the recovered loot is not made public, the whole process, in a mess already, looks like witch-hunting.

The fight against corruption will end in impunity if other powerful people guilty of same crimes as Bukola Saraki and others do not face the law. Then we will all take this for what it appears to be: witch-hunting.

The other part, the most important part, of the homework APC did to win over Nigerians is being left undone. Now actions are concentrated on defending the non-existing policies through polemics.

This won’t help. We want change. We voted change. Let’s have it.