What to do if you are being sexually harassed at work

What to do if you are being sexually harassed at work

There are some things you can do if you are being harassed at work

– Address the issue personally.

– Weigh your options for reporting.

Male employees can also be harassed

It has been announced that Harvey Weinstein, the co-founder of the Weinstein company has just been fired from his own company. The announcement came after he allegedly harassed some of his female employees.

Note that although some male employees can also be harassed, harassment in the workplace is a problem for many women whose well-being, physical safety and jobs are put at risk by the inappropriate action of their colleagues or boss.

Unfortunately, not every woman feels safe reporting the case of sexual harassment mostly because they don’t know the right steps to go about it and they are scared of losing their jobs.

Well don’t be anymore and don’t keep quiet about it because the right way to end the harassment is too shine light on it and expose the predator. This article presents you with the right things to do when you are being sexually harassed in your workplace.

Figure out if you have been harassed
Some women put up with sexual harassment because they don’t realize it is sexual harassment.

Therefore note that sexual harassment which is an harassment one experiences because of one’s sex includes unwanted sexual advances or request for sexual favors and also offensive remarks about the person’s sex. If one of what is mentioned above is the case with you, then you are being sexually harassed.

Address the issue personally
Based on your personal situation, try to tell the harasser to knock it off because you are not interested. Do this in a no nonsense tone to make the person know that you are serious.

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Access the situation at your office
Consider how seriously people in your work environment are going to take the news if you report. Ask yourself some questions such as is that kind of behavior common in your office? would the human resource staff and supervisors be upset by the news, would your news be investigated thoroughly? In line with this, you need to approach the matter seriously.

Record instances of sexual harassment
If possible, keep a journal of all the times you have been harassed. Keep the time, date, name of the harasser, his comments, what happened during the incident and if possible, the witness present.

That would make your claim of sexual harassment more believable.

Understand your company’s policy
Try to become familiar with the sexual harassment policy of your employer.

Then file a complaint in accordance with it. If your employer is the one harassing you, then go past the line and report to another supervisor or your manager.

While reporting, include documents, emails, witnesses, and other colleagues who have experienced similar issues with the harasser.

Note that you need to document your communications with the supervisor or human resources to whom you have directed your concerns.

Weigh your options for reporting
If you are too scared or too uncomfortable to report personally, and you feel more comfortable reporting the harassment anonymously, then do so.

Report to the authorities
You can now involve the government authorities by filing a complaint with the police or federal agencies. At this stage, for better clarification, try to consult a lawyer or an advocacy group to help concerning the special timelines and procedures to file a complaint.

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Seek protection
Some of the friends of the harasser may try at this stage to threaten you or add to your work load at the office. When this happens, report them and seek protection from the law.