Why Barcelona Will not Win Laliga

Why Barcelona Will not Win Laliga


Why Barcelona Will not Win Laliga


Why Barcelona Will not Win Laliga

– Barca Picked a Point from Three League Games

– Why they Won’t Win La Liga

– Are they Lacking in Wisdom or is Tiki-Taka not Working?



Why Barcelona Will not Win Laliga

A lot of factors might not make Barcelona win La Liga. With few games to go, Barca’s dominance drops by every counting second.

The Catalian and La Liga Champions have been hit with poor form recently. Scooping just a point from three La Liga games is really a poor run. What is wrong with the La Liga giant? Where have they missed the target?

The formula that worked in the morning may have been obsolete by night. Undying success is a product of wisdom. This, coupled with the loss of form from the team’s ace Lionel Messi is a signal of an ominous end.

Most surprising is last Saturday’s defeat of Barcelona by Real Sociedal. From 12 points lead at the top of the log some weeks back, Barca now seem to have lost grasp of title.

What is missing in the Barcelona team? Is it wisdom? Or are the La Liga giants losing to complacency?

The former may be a perfect answer. Wisdom! How? Wisdom in this case is the correct application of time and chance. Is it the case that the entire Barca crew from the coaching end, players quarter and Psychological crew can not apply this formula?

The team failed to realise it’s chance against title rival Madrid and yet again with Sociedal. Also, they have failed to the risk of complacency in the face of short but efficiency-and-all-demanding time.

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Only if entire Barca crew knew how short the time is. Only if they realise how costly it is to throw caution to the wind at a time when Real Madrid and Atletico are on fine forms.

Understandably, fatigue Might have set in, especially after the last treble routs. However, fatigue is the least factor to efficiency and performance. Internal strength which stems from mind motivation is a key factor to get going after the loss of nutritional or mobile strength.

If Barca must win and defend the La Liga title, then the onus of responsibility lies in the wisdom  of the Medical team. The Psychological team which is.

They can only get the players back to within bearing through mental reawakening. A good team is one that has a brilliant result yielding style, call it formula.

But, a better team is one which has a spare formula to achieve result when a system is entirely down. While Barcelona belongs to the former category, Real Madrid fits in the latter. Determination to get result amidst of thorny situation is the style of the Madrids. Barca must learn from the Madrid teams- Atletico and Real, in difficult times as this.

Obviously, the tiki-taka formula yielded result in the early quarters of the present campaign but seeming now inefficient. Why Barcelona Will not Win Laliga

Just last week, Trapattoni threw a jab at “inefficient Guardiola and Munich.” The Italian hit out on the Bundensliga Champions because of their stereotypic style of play.

If tiki-taka is not paying off, as a coach, the expertise to achieve result via any means not crude becomes the only way out. This is the major set back for Barca at the moment. And if they continue as it is, they will never lay hold of the Laliga title this term.

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Your opinion matters, Should direct footballing be the next option? That’s left to Barca if they so wish.

Why Barcelona Will not Win Laliga