World tallest boy, facts about him

World tallest boy, facts about him

He is way taller than his age-mates

– Gigantism is a serious growth condition caused by a tumor of the pituitary gland.

– The 12 year old boy had gone through a lot because of the height.

Gabriel with his mom on his right hand side

Gigantism is a¬†growth condition which makes its victim’s body produce too much growth hormone, and it¬†features prominent facial features, abnormal height, very big limbs and an enlarged tongue.

Gabriel Gomes, the world tallest boy who suffered from gigantism, a rare and serious growth condition caused by a tumour of the pituitary gland just finished his second operation.

At just 12, the young boy towers above his peers with his height measured at 7 foot 5 inches.

It should be noted that when the disorder develops before puberty, it is known as gigantism, and when the issue concerns an adult, it is known as acromegaly.

It was estimated that around 4 to every 13 people in 100,000 people may have this condition and while it can affect anybody at any age, most of the people affected by it are diagnosed when they are around the age of 40.

Gabriel explained before his operation that his height takes an emotional and physical toll on him as it really bothers him that he is very tall as his legs and back ached him a lot and he wants to be normal.

He also claimed that he was not able to study because it is not easy to find a vacancy because of his height.

The young boy from Brasilia in Brazil was told by doctors that in order to prevent his organs from failing which would lead to his death, he must have a risky brain surgery which is meant to stop him from growing further.

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It should be noted that he had his first operation when he was ten but the doctors were not able to remove the mass fully.

The second operation involved the removal of the bone from the the skull to expose his brain and his bone flap was temporarily opened, the growth was removed and then replaced after the surgery.

Unfortunately, when he was given an MRI scan to check whether his tumor had moved since his last surgery, further complications were discovered. His tumor was discovered to have moved close to the Carotid, which is an important vein.

It was likely that during the surgery, there would be bleeding in the brain, stroke, seizure and coma which would be very brutal, yet, not having the surgery would have meant death for him.

He was very optimistic about the surgery and his hope was that after his surgery, he would be able to study.

He was very anxious as he was being wheeled into the operating theater and his mother tried to reassure him.

The team of doctors were able to remove the tumor that caused his excessive growth after eight hours but he seemed paralyzed on a side of his body and did not regain consciousness for a while.

When he was tested, it was discovered that although the tumor was removed, he suffered a blood clot which left a side of his body paralyzed.

It was not known how long it would take him to recover but thankfully, the blood-thinning medication treatment he was given led to his astonishing turnaround and he became fully conscious and was able to move the two sides of his body.

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Now that he is fully conscious and his blood flow has returned to normal, there is no risk of further complication and he can now leave a normal life after he gets an intensive physiotherapy to help him recover.

He was allowed to go home after a month of staying in the hospital and his mother is very happy that her son is now healthy.