Writing mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid making


    -Making use of long sentences.

    -Not getting to the point effectively and quickly.

    Even though writing mistakes are unintentional, they are like having a piece of meat stuck in your teeth which though not intentional would be distracting.

    Note that one of the things that say a lot about an entrepreneur and his business is the way he handles his written communication.

    Although no one expects an entrepreneur to be an academic in English, entrepreneurs need to be aware of their shortfalls and make sure they take time to prevent them as according to professionals, clear and concise writing is a must for financial success.

    Here are common mistakes entrepreneurs make that they need to watch out for.

    Not getting to the point effectively and quickly
    There is no need to postpone the message of the particular writing to the middle part of the writing.  If you have more than a point to make, be quick about it by writing an outline to organize your points, paying emphasis to the one that is the most important.

    Spelling errors
    One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes is to slow down and use auto correct or spell-check.

    Note that if you are not sure of the right spelling of a particular word, then you can use the online dictionary or search for the right spelling online.

    Making use of long sentences
    Using unbearably long sentences happen often when you write like you talk. It should be noted that while a conversational tone can work in achieving your aim for writing, a sentence that seems to go on and on won’t.

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    Besides, it would be easier to finish reading shorter sentences than the longer ones.

    Abuse of the apostrophe
    Apostrophes are very tricky and one of the common forms of the abuse of apostrophe is confusing a plural word with possession. An example is when you write Dog’s instead of Dogs.

    Note that the first one refers to something that belongs to a group of dogs while the second one is used to illustrate the plural form of dog.

    When you understand the way apostrophes work in contractions, it would help you with mistakes such as its (possession) vs it’s (it is), your (belonging) vs you’re (you are), there (location) vs their (possession).

    Note that it is very important for you to start writing on time and not wait until the last moment. That way, you would avoid making lots of mistakes.

    Then in order to curb your errors, give other people to edit them for you.