You Should Try The New Google Map App – Google Go App

You Should Try The New Google Map App – Google Go App


– Google Maps Go app is presently available for download from the Google Play Store.

– It also has support for 70 countries.

Google has introduced a new and lighter version of Google Maps called Google Maps Go. The new Google Maps Go app, essentially, provides a shortcut of the Progressive Web App (PWA) version of Google Maps.

This Maps Go version – which can be accessed on mobile from here – offers similar features as the main app, including detecting your location, providing you with directions, and traffic information for cars, public transit, and walking. It also has support for 70 countries and claims to not take a lot of space on your phone.

Users could still try the web version on your non-Go Android phone. All you need to do is copy and paste this URL in Chrome:

Google VP of Engineering Shashidhar Thakur stated at the sidelines of Google for India, the prime aim of developing Google Go is to help new smartphone users “come on the Internet”, and help them access the Web easily. The app may, in fact, simply be a shortcut to a Progressive Web App for Google Maps. Whether a web app actually consumes less resources than a native app is yet to be seen since Maps Go is currently unavailable on any device Android device in the market.

Along with Google Maps Go, Google also released Files Go  app and Google Go that recently became available for download on the Play Store. Similar lightweight Go variants of Google Assistant and Gmail are on the way, according to Google.

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The new Google Maps Go app will be available exclusively for Android phones – running Android 4.1 or higher – with a RAM capacity of 1GB or lower. Unlike Files Go, which is available for phones with higher RAM as well, all others like Maps Go, Gmail Go will only be accessible from the Play Store on low-RAM phones.